Apple Asks Patience with Maps and Nokia Takes Advantage of The Situation with a Comparison

When something happens around Apple and its products, the media noise is deafening, for good or for bad. We are almost always used to be positive factors which invite us to share the information, but on this occasion, have released thousands of reviews of the new maps around the globe.

Find us important points of interest in wrong sites, or do not exist, is not tasteful dish for any of the parties (there are pages devoted to compile errors). Apple is no stranger to the bad reception of the maps with the update of iOS6, and has responded in a statement that calls for patience:

“We thank our customers and we are working hard to make your experience still better”.

“We are excited to offer innovative features like Flyover, the integration of Siri, or free navigation system. We launched this new service, knowing that it is an important initiative and we are only just beginning”.

“We are continuously improving the maps, and as it is an application based on the cloud, the more people use it, it is better.” Trudy Muller, Apple

iOS 6 adopts fast

Apart from that people may be happy with the maps, or the problems detected with WiFi connectivity on some devices, people are upgrading quickly.

Although Apple does not have us information about it, at least yet, the first studies (Chitika, ChartBoost) speak of that 15% of devices applied it in 24 hours.

So there were many people waiting for her, which informs us of the facilities to update and the involvement of users. Percentage speaks of three times higher than with the last major update speed.

In this sense comparisons are odious, but we already know the difficulties of Google to extend their versions on a platform more open in number of devices and manufacturers. Jelly Bean is 1.2% of the devices, according to the latest information from Google, and Ice Cream Sandwich is in the 20.9%.

It is important to remember that both in the case of Apple and Google’s, the update is free, a fact that obviously accelerates the adoption.

Golden opportunity for competition

There is no doubt that Google and Nokia are competition, with quite a few steps of advantage, and as not take advantage of this situation to show that their work is better. So far Nokia It wasn’t too much to launch a quick comparison with rivals: