Adair County, Iowa

Adair County, Iowa

According to countryaah, Adair County is located in the west-central region of Iowa and borders five other counties. To the north is Guthrie County, to the east is Audubon County, to the south is Madison County, and to the west are Cass and Union counties. Adair County covers an area of 576 square miles and has a population of 7,695 people according to the 2019 census.

The county seat of Adair County is Greenfield which serves as its largest city with a population of 1,282 people. Other notable cities in Adair County include Stuart (population 841), Bridgewater (population 618), Fontanelle (population 506), Casey (population 476) and Anita (population 456).

Adair County is home to several parks including Greenfield Park, Stuart Park, Fontanelle Park and Anita Park. These parks offer visitors a variety of activities such as camping, fishing, biking and hiking trails as well as playgrounds for children. Adair County also has many lakes including Lake Icaria which offers visitors swimming, boating and fishing opportunities.

Adair County has a rich history that dates back to 1851 when it was first established by settlers from Pennsylvania, Ohio and New York. The county was named after John Adair who served as governor of Kentucky from 1820-1824. Over the years Adair has seen its fair share of historical events including being part of Abraham Lincoln’s original “Wilderness Road” through Iowa during his presidency in 1861-62.

Today Adair County remains an important part of Iowa’s culture offering visitors a variety of attractions such as museums, historic sites and outdoor activities for all ages to enjoy!

Demographics of Adair County, Iowa

Adair County, Iowa is home to a population of 7,695 people according to the 2019 census. The county has an area of 576 square miles and is located in the west-central region of Iowa. It borders five other counties including Guthrie County to the north, Audubon County to the east, Madison County to the south and Cass and Union counties to the west.

Adair County is predominantly white with a population that is 90% non-Hispanic White. There are also small populations of Black/African American (2%), Hispanic/Latino (3%), Asian (1%) and Native American (0.4%). Additionally, 2% of Adair’s population identifies as two or more races.

Adair has a median age of 44 years old with 48% of its population being male and 52% female. The median household income for Adair County is $51,827 with 17% living below poverty level.

The most common occupations for those living in Adair County are office and administrative support occupations (14%), sales and related occupations (13%) and management occupations (10%). The most common industries are manufacturing (15%), health care and social assistance (13%) and retail trade (12%).

Adair County also has several school districts including Greenfield Community School District which serves over 1,200 students from kindergarten through 12th grade. Other school districts include Nodaway Valley Community School District which serves over 800 students from kindergarten through 12th grade as well as Stuart Community School District which serves over 500 students from kindergarten through 12th grade.

Places of Interest in Adair County, Iowa

Adair County, Iowa offers visitors a variety of attractions and places of interest to explore. One of the most popular attractions is the Adair County Historical Museum. This museum is dedicated to preserving and interpreting local history, artifacts and culture. It features a variety of exhibits and displays including artifacts from the county’s past such as maps, photographs, documents and more. The museum also offers special events like lectures, workshops and educational programs for both adults and children.

Another popular attraction in Adair County is the Adair-Casey Public Library. This library has a wide selection of books, magazines, newspapers and other media materials available for checkout as well as internet access for patrons to use. Additionally, they offer a variety of classes such as computer classes, book clubs and story time for kids.

The Greenfield Golf & Country Club is another great place to visit in Adair County. This club offers an 18-hole championship golf course along with a driving range, practice putting green and pro shop for all your golfing needs. The club also has a restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner daily as well as a bar area with pool tables and TVs for relaxing after your round of golf!

Finally, Adair County is home to several parks including Moingona Park which features picnic areas, playgrounds and ball fields as well as hiking trails that meander through the woods along Moingona Creek. There are also several other parks located throughout Adair County such as Stuart Park which features tennis courts, basketball courts and horseshoe pits; Fontanelle Forest Nature Center which has over 3 miles of trails; Winterset City Park which offers playgrounds; Rotary Park which has fishing ponds; Corning City Park with its swimming pool; Glidden Recreation Area which has camping sites; Lake Anita State Park with its beach area; Wabash Trace Nature Trail which provides over 63 miles of biking/hiking trails through beautiful scenery; Schuler Wildlife Management Area which provides excellent hunting opportunities; North River Trails Conservation Area where you can find deer hunting areas in addition to hiking/biking trails; Turin State Wildlife Management Area where you can observe wildlife in their natural habitat or take part in some fishing activities at one of their two stocked lakes!

Communities in Adair County, Iowa

Adair County, Iowa is home to a variety of small towns and rural communities. All of these towns are situated within the rolling hills and farmland that make up the county’s landscape.

Greenfield is the county seat and has been since 1851. It is home to a variety of businesses, churches, schools and more. Greenfield also boasts a vibrant downtown area with plenty of shopping, dining, entertainment and recreational options for residents to enjoy.

Fontanelle is another small town located in Adair County. It is known for its annual strawberry festival as well as its close proximity to Fontanelle Forest Nature Center which offers over 3 miles of trails for hikers and bikers alike.

Corning is a small town located near the western edge of Adair County. It features a historic downtown area with many businesses that have been open for many years as well as Corning City Park which offers a swimming pool and playgrounds for children to enjoy during the summer months.

Winterset is one of the larger towns in Adair County with a population of nearly 5,000 people. This town features many historical buildings such as John Wayne’s birthplace museum as well as Winterset City Park which offers playgrounds, picnic areas and more outdoor activities for residents to enjoy year-round.

Stuart is another small town located in Adair County with around 1,000 residents living there today. This town features Stuart Park which has horseshoe pits, tennis courts and basketball courts in addition to several other attractions such as an antique mall and an art gallery that showcases local artwork from artists all across Iowa!

In addition to these larger towns there are also numerous smaller rural communities scattered throughout Adair County that offer their own unique charm such as Bridgewater which features an old-fashioned country store; Carbon which offers excellent hunting opportunities; Bridgewater which has several beautiful lakeside views; Wabash Trace Nature Trail where you can find over 63 miles of biking/hiking trails through some stunning scenery; Moingona Park where you can picnic or play ball fields; Schuler Wildlife Management Area where you can observe wildlife in their natural habitat or take part in some fishing activities at one of their two stocked lakes; Turin State Wildlife Management Area provides excellent deer hunting opportunities; North River Trails Conservation Area where you can explore over 10 miles of hiking trails through beautiful forests; Glidden Recreation Area with camping sites available for those looking for some outdoor fun! No matter what type of community you’re looking for, you can find it here in Adair County!

Notable People of Adair County, Iowa

Adair County, Iowa is home to many notable people who have made their mark in various fields. One of the most famous individuals from Adair County is John Wayne, whose birthplace museum is located in the town of Winterset. Born Marion Robert Morrison in 1907, John Wayne was an iconic American actor, director, and producer best known for his roles in western films. He won an Academy Award for Best Actor in 1969 for his performance in True Grit and was a major box office draw throughout his career.

Another notable person from Adair County is astronaut Clayton Anderson. Born in 1959, Anderson served as a mission specialist on two space shuttle missions and spent over 153 days living and working on the International Space Station. In total he has logged over 4,000 hours of space travel and can be credited with helping to build and maintain the International Space Station during his time there.

One of the most influential people from Adair County is philanthropist Mary Jane Butters. Butters founded MaryJanesFarm Magazine which promotes sustainable living practices through recipes, stories, articles and more. She has also been involved with numerous charities such as The Nature Conservancy, World Wildlife Fund and The Trust for Public Land. Her work has made a significant impact on environmental conservation efforts around the world.

Another important figure from Adair County is former Governor Robert Dolph Ray who served as Iowa’s governor from 1969-1983 after serving as lieutenant governor from 1967-1969 under Harold Hughes. Ray was known for promoting education reform measures such as increasing teachers’ salaries; expanding vocational schools; creating educational television programs; streamlining state government operations; creating jobs through economic development initiatives; and creating new parks such as Ledges State Park near Boone Iowa during his term as governor

Finally there’s author Bill Bryson who wrote A Walk In The Woods which chronicles his journey along the Appalachian Trail during 1995-1996 with longtime friend Stephen Katz while living in England at the time. Bryson has written several other books including A Short History Of Nearly Everything which won him numerous awards and acclaim from readers around the world

From inspiring actors to astronauts to influential philanthropists to former governors to beloved authors – Adair County has certainly produced some impressive individuals who have had a lasting impact on our lives today!

Bordering States of Iowa

According to abbreviationfinder, Iowa is bordered by six states: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska and South Dakota. The border between Iowa and Minnesota measures approximately 150 miles in total length as it stretches from Iowa’s northwestern corner near Bigelow to its northeastern tip near the Mississippi River. Additionally, Iowa shares a lengthy border with Wisconsin that measures about 260 miles in total length. It extends from the westernmost point near McGregor to its easternmost point near Dubuque.

To the south, Iowa has a relatively short border with Missouri that measures only 188 miles in length as it runs along Missouri’s northern edge from Keokuk County to its southwesternmost point near St. Louis. Additionally, Iowa also has an extensive coastline along the Mississippi River that is about 600 miles long as it follows the river from Dubuque up to Rock Island just south of Quad Cities. Finally, Iowa also has small borders with Nebraska and South Dakota that measure only 68 and 476 miles in total length respectively as they extend from Sioux City up to Omaha on the Missouri River and Pierre on the Big Sioux River respectively.

Adair County, Iowa

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