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The online purchase service Our site pays the highest prices in the net only for a short time for selected Smartphones from Samsung and Apple. New smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S4, the Sony Z1, or the LG G2 offer top technology, but often not exactly inexpensive. You want to get rid of your old Galaxy S2 or iPhone 5 and change to? Then enter your used mobile phone via Our site in payment quickly because the online purchase service buys your old mobile phone for a short time to the maximum. In addition, you get a 20-euro coupon by Our site on top.

A calculation example: get for the iPhone predecessor Apple iPhone 5 in very good condition with 16 gigabytes of memory by Our site during the promotion period proud 428 euros (408 euros purchase price plus 20-euro coupon) to your account transferred that is the currently highest purchase price under all purchase services. Thus you pay just 270 euro (at a current price of 698 euros, 11 November 2013) for the new iPhone 5 s with 16 gigabytes of memory. Our site is control over the entire period of the action every day prices. So you get guaranteed the top price for your Apple or Samsung Smartphone. To dusting off the extra 20 euro, simply enter the coupon code jeck13 after the sale. The amount credited. Our site guaranteed prices for the following smartphone models:

S is the maximum price for these smartphones models

Smartphone model equipment purchase price Apple iPhone 4 16 gigabytes up to 198 euros Apple iPhone 4 32 GB up to 197 euro Apple iPhone 4 s 16 GB up to 285 euro Apple iPhone 5 16 gigabytes up to 408 euro Apple iPhone 5 64 gigabytes up to 450 euro Samsung Galaxy S2 16 gigabytes up to EUR 121 Galaxy S3 16 Gigab yte up to 207 euro
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within the framework of the action for twelve more phone models get greatly increased purchase prices. Take advantage of the chance and get on a new model now. Our site provides you with a simple way to sell your old phone at an attractive price. Following smartphone models are included in the action:
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So expires the arrival and sales at Our site

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Great advantage of Our site: it is very easy. You tell the service to which device it is and how the condition is. Then you see how much money still there. Then, enter your contact and bank account details and send Smartphone, Tablet, notebook & co. directly to Our site. You pay the shipping costs. Learn how it works in detail, in the below photo line.

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10 steps so works as works Our site?
Our site buying used goods, to sell them. For each article, there is a fixed amount of money if the State of the device matches your specifications. Otherwise, Our site makes you a new offer, you can accept in favor, but don’t have to. It happens only rarely. There is no minimum purchase value at Our site. Usually a few days after the submission proceeds ends up on the current account. Charges do not apply, also the submission as an insured package is free of charge.