Acer R7-571 in the Test: Tablet PC, Notebook and All-in One PC in a Housing

There are sophisticated notebooks, space-saving all-in one PCs and travel-ready Tablet PCs. What happens when you shipped all device categories in a housing, shows Acer: the R7 is slightly larger than a laptop, almost tiny in comparison to all-in-ones, but real for a Tablet monstrous.

Impeccable processing

Becomes clear at the first touch: Acer has given much trouble handling. The R7 is elegant and robust. The manufacturer had to make but some compromises: with the mass of 37, 7 x 2, 9 x 25, 5 cm, it is a real Board. And the weight of 2.5 kg is far from slim, lightweight Ultrabooks, that bring only little more than a kilogram on the scale.

The R7 has the knack

Folded to the R7 looks almost like a regular notebook. Because nothing changes when you open the notebook. But who pulls on the screen the bottom of slightly forward, notes: here there is more in there. Display mounted on the R7 not rigidly on the edge of the housing, but on a movable arm. So, you can fold the screen with a handle around 180 degrees backwards. Then airs is also the secret of why the R7 is so versatile:

Shortcoming: placement of the touchpad above the keyboard

Clear the R7 is a touch screen. But in notebook mode, keyboard and touchpad are needed. The latter got Acer not in front, but behind the keyboard. This is more than unfortunate. Customers are so hardly use the touchpad and instead prefer to the access package wireless mouse. Very well: The keyboard has a backlight. So ends the typing of texts in low light conditions, not in a nerve-consuming character searching.

Magnificent screen

The display presents on a diagonal 15.6 inch (39,62 cm) photos, videos and Web pages in full HD with 1920 x 1080 pixels. The image quality, there is little to complain about: only the minimal irregular tone gradient, about from green to red, is a small shortcoming. In addition, color reproduction is somewhat pale. This well: The touch screen responds to user input precisely and without delays. Inside the package is a pen with a rubber tip. Thus the operation works even more precisely.

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SSD is missing

Heart of the R7 is a core i5 processor from Intel’s Ivy bridge in the test model-series (3337U) with four cores and a clock each 1.8 gigahertz. In addition to the graphics chip built into the processor HD graphics 4000 has the R7-571 G is still a further image makers on board: the GeForce GT 750 M from NVIDIA. And even elaborate games brings liquid on the screen with 1,366 x 768 pixels were an average of 50 frames per second, with much detailed native resolution of the screen (1.920 x 1.080 pixels) were still around 31 frames per second on the display. Too bad: The tested R7 used a lame hard drive (750 GB) for storage instead of a fast SSD. The R7, which acts as a brake with SSD would be much faster.

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Some short battery Life

The R7 battery lasted only two hours and 49 minutes when working in the test, video playback, there were at least three hours and 36 minutes are no outstanding values. Too bad: Before the battery is full again, the R7 to three hours and eight minutes on the socket.

Damn quiet

Good for the ears: the Acer is not annoying with whirring fan noise. When working (0.5 sone) as well as in the video playback (0.2 sone) it was not heard. For it under full load:, for example, a feature film in a Smartphone-format, his fans are resized the R7 to listen (1.4 sone).

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Conclusion: Acer Aspire R7-571

Acer has developed a versatile calculator with the aspire R7 away from the plethora of Tablet PCs and convertibles. The manufacturer had to compromise a few here, the quick-change artist dominated his tasks as a notebook, all-in one- and Tablet PC but mostly good. Biggest shortcomings remain the high weight and don’t thoughtful placement of the touchpad behind the keyboard. And: A bargain is currently the R7 (stand: November 2013) not

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