5 Video-Tests of Resistance to a Samsung Galaxy S7: He Never Do

Only a few days ago that Samsung released its latest smartphone and YouTube already is full of people teaching the world how to trap a Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge. It is just what you are going to show. It is not the home shopping, but we will see situations like boil, cut, spin in the washing machine, cocking or freeze. They call it resistance test, but I don’t see ni papers notes, metrics, or robes by what does not seem to follow in great detail scientific method one.

Attention, This post may offend sensibilities, yours if you have bare pockets and take a time specifically wanting to change mobile, and especially if they carry a time pursuing an S7 Galaxy or iPhone 6S.

To boast of IP68 certificate, Samsung and some of its associated vendors have made shows its hardness as a unboxing under water. And although some users reported failures due to the impermeability of the microUSB port, it is generally fulfilling promised resistance standards.

But let’s see what happens when people go a little further. Or, rather, what is being sought is find the limit without fear to overcome it and that the phone finish made pieces. At the end, and after all, according to iFixit is almost impossible to repair.

Wash a S7 Galaxy in a washing machine

The first test, carried out by Max Lee, consists of introducing the mobile power in a washing machine. Wash and spin, 45-minute program. Mobile takes a case to prevent scratches cons drum.

Result: The mobile continues to operate during all wash and returns to full capacity just a couple of minutes of rest.

Boil, cut and cocking a Galaxy S7

On this occasion we have to TechRax with a couple of phones in their hands. First, you will pass the latest Samsung by the countertop to buy its resistance to cuts and the hammers.

Finally, the bold youtuber will surprise with a stew of Galaxy S7 paired with iPhone 6S. The experiment is very simple, just put both moving in the skillet with water boiling. They are lit and the humidity should not be a problem for them, at least not in normal conditions.

Result: The Galaxy S7 does not suffer in the boiling water and before collapse by temperature shuts off to prevent greater evils. Crystal protection is well protected from scratches but the edge if transferred to the Court. And the direct impact endures it quite competently, even the gross of TechRax has to break the table to do that turns off by force.

Fall of a Galaxy S7 up to 300 meters

A favorite of Internet users, perhaps because it is the most realistic. From what height can a mobile fall you without breaking it? Here we have three conscientious researchers also complemented to offer us a shock varied repertoire.

First EverythingApplePro with a test details from about a meter, a meter and a half, two metres and three metres high. Ahead, behind and even of singing. The ruling, and it is something that must be taken into account, they are cumulative hits.

To finish two experiments that have nothing to do with real life. First, and amidst cries, GizmoSlip freezes a Galaxy S7 to then pull it from 30 metres in height within a block of ice. Then, from UnlockRiver they go much further and climbing mobile 303 meters high with the help of a drone.

Result: The hits don’t feel too well to protective screens mobile new of Samung, especially to the rear glass that is smashed very soon. Not so the front protection, that resists much more. The more positive reaction is which has shown against the cold, it tolerates it even better than the heat as you would expect.

And, on the last, did perhaps you expect another result after pulling it from 300 meters in height?

Our own test

On Engadget and Xataka Android have also made our own test Samsung Galaxy S7, but not many have least been as physical as these that we have seen so far. They are those who believe that better adapt to the actual use of the appliance, i.e. those which are necessary to make a good assessment of the terminal.

After all these tests, we have condensed all of our thoughts and ideas into a single clip. In this, our video analysis of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.