3 Airdroid Arrives in Beta for Windows and Mac Desktop Applications

Move files between devices is an easy task since there is what we call the cloud. We no longer have to walk to emailing us emails with the document we need on this or that computer (although some continue doing so in a more timely manner).

Airdroid It is best to do this in Android. Connected under the same WiFi network, we can access all types of files from the phone and transfer. Enter images, all files, contacts, and even the notifications if you configure it. Now updated to the version 3, still in beta, with desktop clients and more.

From his blog you can find all the download links to applications, which is still updated on the fly and bring more and better features to make this application all a must if you are halfway between mobile and computer.

Now applications still made file transfers from your computer to the phone, not the reverse. Among the new features we have AirMirror, the ability to remotely control the phone as we do so far with specific applications for this purpose. AirMirror will work on beginning with a selection of phones.

Also includes other less conspicuous functions at this stage as the send SMS from remote, receive alerts of incoming calls we respond (at the moment from the phone).

In addition, since Airdroid they take advantage to bring a renewed interface and proceed with the correction of errors with the support of its testers. Of course, you can continue to operate via the Web so far.