2 GHz Processor Clocking In The Smartphone? Motorola Makes It Possible!

Already at the end of this year 2010, Motorola would like to bring a new flagship Smartphone on the market. Processors with a 1 are currently S in the top models like the iPhone 4 and the Samsung I9000 Galaxy GHz clock installed. For the name, but still no fast cycling processor reaches flagship smartphones. The addition of flagship earned a cell phone or Smartphone up-to-date and versatile Interior, which provides all technical finesse, which at that time to the best and latest count. That is why to wait will be whether the Motorola Smartphone is really deserve the extra. But already, the processor is the turnout.

Motorola Chief personally announced the innovation

Sanjay JHA is the Mobile Division of Motorola Chief ind. Last Thursday it announced impressive clocking, what can be read here on conceivablytech.com. Not all of his statements bear witness to a such revolutionary innovation. Because in his opinion mobile computer will die out within the next two years, what I consider unrealistic as perfect as a Smartphone can never be regarded as full-fledged workhorse.The it always faster and better in smartphones is, doesn’t matter because in my opinion. A processor with 2 GHz clock rate is anyway in the segment of mobile phones and Smartphones are setting new standards and honor the Snapdragon chipset with a gigahertz as a successor. More hinted however also not JHA.

Anonymous statements indicate large

On the contrary to a staff member Motorola’s, who wants to remain anonymous, of the new smartphone with the clock end abruptly chipset said. It seems certain that it is based on the today’s technical standards and with the operating system Google Android will be equipped. At the end of this year the new version of Froyo is so 2.2, realistic. Probably, these statements of the Chief and the anonymous employee at this time were not needlessly scattered. With regard to the two top smartphones von Apple and Samsung, it could be as an expression of deliberate attention to the manufacturer with its headquarters in Illinois. Because what enjoy the iPhone 4 and the Samsung I9000 Galaxy S currently on attention, therefore missing the competition. There are the two over smartphones of summer there in this month at Our site- buy cell phones online. The other features of the new Motorola Smartphone will be the gyro compass, front-facing camera for video calling, HD video recording and a camera with more than 5 megapixels. This is the best the market has to offer up-to-date on each case. HD resolution will provide the touch screen. Topic display provides just more than enough to talk about the different technologies in the iPhone 4 and the Samsung I9000 Galaxy S. Thus, the newcomer from Motorola brings the present highlights of the two top smartphones. But will that be what is one of the best until the end of the year!