10 HTC Mounted Super 5 LCD, Not AMOLED as The Battle of Rumors

When the new CEO, Cher Wang, in front of the camera to present the new HTC 10 next month of April already will not be almost nothing to know of it. But there is an element that we have to pay attention to your new Super LCD 5 display.

This will be the HTC panel format and not an AMOLED as had been said to save the war of leaks. This is the trouble with rumors, especially those who are well intended, there it may always be some data that is not correct or that change at the last minute that Yes are some that are seeing the light.

The tuitero @evLeaks, which has been responsible for gutting everything about this HTC 10, included this change in nomenclature that leaves behind the word ‘One’ and the letter ‘M’, has been commissioned to refine this data on the screen. If this is finally correct, it will therefore be a panel Super LCD 5 of 5.15 inches and QHD or 2 K resolution.

Not sure if this has been reported yet, but HTC 10 features a super LCD 5 display – not AMOLED. Battery = 3000mAh our site/NbWonSaC3T

— Evan Blass (@evleaks) March 20, 2016

In an evolution similar to the AMOLED screens, Super LCD enhancement to the current version in the Elimination of the area death between screen and touch panel, with the consequent reduction of reflections in external exposure, size and battery consumption. It is the first time that I heard of level 5, so we can expect some additional information in the presentation.

It should be remembered that the front of the new leader of the Asian mark will be very changed because it has abandoned its traditional black band with the name and has recovered the capacitive buttons. They are on one side and others from the new oval-shaped fingerprint reader.

As you can see in the tweet, Evan Blass also said that HTC 10 battery will be 3,000 mAh, that would leave in the middle of the current Android high-end.

Less than a month remains out of all sorts of doubts. The advanced that this development has been seen, I believe that HTC will price and a release date very close when you give it to meet formally to the world. And already we can verify if the company of Taiwan returns to the battle.