X Saco Do MamanguÁ Paddling in A Kayak.

Account of a trip I took with my fellow Vinyl we left Copacabana towards the Paraty in a sea kayak by completing over 200 km of rowing.

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Account of a trip I took with my fellow Vinyl we left Copacabana towards the Paraty in an ocean kayak completing over 200 km of rowing.

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Salve galera…

I’d given up on doing this story, because rowing is not my specialty. But, after the complaints of many people, here goes….

After a trip to rilex Veronica in Saco do Mamanguá in Paraty, had an idea. “Why not go to the River to Parati kayaking???”

Already knew who was the right person for this trip, my comrade vinyl (Aurelio).

After doing a job in one of those luxury hotels in Mangaratiba, the trip was more than closed. That’s all we need to assemble all the logistics and make the trip.

We took the kayak, a beautiful Ocean, borrowed with Miro, the crates of the Jain, separated removable oars, the stove and all the camping gear, a single wall tent that I cut the bottom to be lighter, GPS, bags of Sea to Summit the Proactive provided for this trip.

With all the team of foot, it’s time to assemble the logistics. How many Miles we would paddle a day, which would be the points of bivouac, which take food, where we would have help, emergency phones, among other thousand things.

Certainly the technology helped us a lot with regard to the orientation and navigation.

This part of logistics was crucial and we stayed a few days in front of the computer traveling on Google Earth and throwing the longitudes and latitudes of our points for GPS. But, the good old map was not thrown, and we went to the map collection of the CEB in search of some maps that could help us. Xerocamos the most important parts to our A3 sheet navigation and plastificamos.

It seemed that the trip would happen.

We gave a few more adjustments at the helm of the vessel, rehung a few details and the day 01/11estávamos at the station 6 (Copacabana beach).

The day I woke up and everything was already shaky after all on the same day in Copacabana, would happen a Gay Parade.

With assistance from Simone, Vinyl’s mother, took the boat and our stuff out of the car and in an emotional farewell by Simone, we sail.

The day was overcast, the wind, the conditions were perfect and so we were passing by the famous beaches of Rio de Janeiro. Actually this city is beautiful.

Already at the time of the Praia da Barra, seen a sad scene. Balloons were flying toward the ocean. Some fell into the sea, but one was rescued by criminals that besides shit the sea, they fire in the Woods and can cause a major plane crash. The worst is knowing that surveillance is very easy, just disgusting.

Going back to look at the coastline, relax and we saw a guy Stand Up. Very cool. I called the guy to go toParaty and think he wasn’t crazy about the idea. (hehehe) but, even so, we paid off with a big smile.

We were paddling with the calm seas and later became agitated when we were to reach our destination and a rain began to fall and then, we’d have to disembark in inviting a kayaking nothing waves.

We chose the Meio Beach that is next to the beach to land and also because there’s always people in Dangerous.

The landing was tricky as I imagined. Entered a lot of water in the cabin and the kayak was too heavy. With some difficulty we took the boat to the shore and take him to the beach.

The first day was fulfilled. We set up our camp among the vegetation, and because of the rain that fell we thought we’d have a rough night, but the tent surprised us and sleep comfortably.

The next morning we woke up with fine wet outside, eat inside the tent and started packing. A brief look at the sea and on the beach to see the best place to get through the waves with the kayak.

With everything tidy, we sail again to the beginning of our second day of rowing. We passed the Stone Turtleand I had the opportunity to see the cliffs at Guaratiba from another angle. A Classic place mobile climbing on the river operated for many years by Andre Island .

We landed on the calm beach of Guaratiba, in order to get drinking water and enhance the breakfast before entering the Restinga da Marambaia.

When passing through the canal that divides the Restinga da Marambaia, went into another world. We had to get out of the kayak for a few meters, others pass by hand and the wheel lifted, was a beautiful mangrove forest had never seen that before.

The mangrove forest was turned into rivers that we were browsing through a lush landscape and hot water with a lot of life, birds, crabs and to our surprise many, but many living waters. There were so many that they were hung on trees with low tide.

That was a true mangrove maze, had no map or GPS to help.

However, if we’re lucky we got out on the other side of the Swamp, already inside the Sepetiba Bay. On one side was the gigantic arm extending from the Mainland and the Mainland itself. Restinga is so amazing that when we were in the middle of the Bay, a good part of it could not be seen so low it was the strip of sand, all we knew was that there was land because we had a map.

We tried to paddle straight to our destination not to expend energy for nothing and circumvent any edge would be a waste of time and energy, that is, we were in the middle of the Sepetiba Bay with over 5 Km on one side and other 5 Km to the other, paddling straight GPS-oriented. Help on Sandbank was very precarious, and paddle to the other side with just a rower would be unlikely. I think that was the first moment I thought: “and this here really isn’t a joke.”

It was a beautiful day, our fate would be the other extreme of Restinga, another island in the road invited us, she was in our plans and that’s where we made our second Bivouac.

Island of Jaguanum. We landed in South Beach in the late afternoon. In a bar we ate a cake and the owner kept us awake under the coverage of the bar.

People don’t believe that we were coming.

A beautiful sunset, a beautiful night and a beautiful awakening yet. Again packed our stuff and we were expecting a quiet day of rowing, because that would be the shortest day.

A few minutes of rowing and the nature in the reward again. Dolphins everywhere! Just wonderful. Over 7 km in a straight line and left the Sepetiba Bay, then it was open sea and still pretty quiet.

It was a very quiet stroke, despite the anxiety of being out on the open sea. Our azemute was the Praia de Palmas in Ilha Grande and as said before we expected a short stroke and calm, especially after having paddled 50 km the day before. But it’s not. Arriving in big island the wind didn’t give us a truce and we see a very strong wind front when stop paddling, we got back at the speed of 2 to 4 km/h back and our cruising speed was 4 or 5 forward. It was a small piece, but very hard.

After fighting against the wind, landed on Ilha Grande. There we stayed at the Old Village bar that is two couples friends of vinyl, a very nice person who entertained us incredibly well.

Once again we set up the tent and stayed under the cover of the bar.

On that day, we have the luxury of sleeping in a bit later and we had the goal to reach the other side of the island the next day. The route was small, but the wind that got him the day before wouldn’t let us relax so much, packed up everything and we parted friends.

Red Beach was our destiny, and so get around the big island.

I keep telling this story in an upcoming post.