Wedding Rings – Since Ancient Times a Symbol of Eternal Love

It is an ancient custom and a tradition that goes back to ancient times.Already the ancient Romans and the ancient Egyptians wore a noble ring as a sign of partnership and marriage – they wore it at the left ring finger because at that time they believed that a vein comes directly from the heart and leads directly to love.

In Rome, on the other hand, the marriage and engagement ring had a further meaning.Mostly worn by women and mostly made of iron, he was considered a sign of the bond, but in effect signaled a visible “receipt” as confirmation for the receipt of the dowry.

In many countries a solid tradition

What has developed from history over the centuries is today a firm wedding use not only in the German-speaking world, but also in many other countries of the world.A ring is worn as an expression of the couple’s affiliation, be it as a sign of love, engagement, or as a sign of marriage through classical trauring.

That is why the “Trauring” is also a special symbol and plays an important role in both the ceremonial and the religious ceremony .No question: Whoever decides for a trau- ring today has many possibilities.

In the meantime, many jewelers have specialized in selling wedding rings.Whether gold in different alloys or platinum, whether with or without stone: wedding rings are an intimate confession of the one to the other, and so many couples invest a lot of time and effort to find the right ring that accompanies them through life together,

Different designs are possible

Today it is common for many wedding rings to be engraved.In addition to the gold alloy, the initials of the partner, his name or the day of the wedding ceremony can also be engraved.By laser engraving, it is also possible to engrave the Trauspruch or other longer texts.

But also a special stone with a color, with which a special experience connects, offers the possibility to select a special Trauring for itself.

What had been regarded as irrevocable for decades that wedding rings made of gold could be made is now rather liberal.

In the meantime, there are also ceramics made of noble metals and as simple as possible, but still very dignified and festive.In principle, the following holds true: what is pleasing is what is stable, and a pair is visibly united.For the trauring beyond the confession to the partner also has a broader meaning.As a ring, it is so shaped with its shape that it has no beginning and no end – a symbolic statement, which is indispensable for all lovers.

Customize individual wedding rings

Individual wedding rings are a very personal and unique symbol of your love. At the online jeweler Amoonìc you can design individual wedding rings online. Choose from a variety of precious metals and matching gemstones – where your rings are custom-made according to the customer’s requirements.