Via WhatsApp Calls Are a Hazard to Operators… Virtual

At the beginning single they were accessible by invitation, someone that already had them activated you had to call, but now there are open bar, anyone from Android and BlackBerry smartphones can access to the calls via WhatsApp, having just installed the latest version of the application.

And although still iOS or Windows Phone users cannot make use of calls by WhatsApp, the share of Android in Spain is so high that mobile operators will soon begin to notice an increase in the consumption of data and a lower income for voice calls. Therefore problems or risks ahead, but only to operators with network WhatsApp calls pose a big risk for the virtual. Why is that? Descubramoslo then.

Giga selling below their cost

Network operators are owners of their own antennas or networks, although Telstra still depends on Movistar in part by what they directly dependent on the cost of providing service to its customers. But the virtual have a problem which never be waged, unless somehow they become licensed spectrum, they depend on their agreements with network operators.

And the war of these operators now focuses on the price of the giga, to have such accommodating cheaper rate. But that war blasting the margins of these operators, nor have expenses of large operators, but something must also live.

Much of the OMVs are paying giga operator serving them at one price greater than to these charge it. How is this possible? The virtual know that they can sell a giga to five euros although the network operator copper it is to them to seven euros, for example, because they know that many customers who pay a giga far left of consuming it whole.

The virtual play with the average of the megs consumed (and excess) of its customers to set the price of fares

That margin is so play virtual to reduce their data rates, since they pay to the network operator by real customers consumption, while customers will pay for the contracted data, not the actually consumed. That’s what feeds them right now to the virtual but What effect will they have WhatsApp calls?

Simple, contrary to certain rates for the majority of the virtual network operators do not put obstacles to the use of VoIP. His clients, usually more technological than the network operators, will have no problem to call by WhatsApp, which will mean an increase in the consumption of data and therefore, will result in a narrowing of the margins of the MVNO.

But to finish the virtual strategy should take into account that calls via WhatsApp will also cause the decline in the use of traditional calls. A further reduction of revenue or margins for some operators who often opting to pay per minute in many cases.

Will new obstacles receive to the VoIP in virtual?

As we have already analyzed the calls via WhatsApp they pose a serious risk to the virtual, which will see its customers more squeezed its data bonds while they call less, partly threatening the viability of your business. There is also risk for large, but they play with other margins and (higher) prices and also in some cases restrict the use of VoIP.

It is just that one of the ways of solution that could take the virtual to avoid the threat of calls by WhatsApp would be precisely to restrict them or ban them. It would perhaps be a step very drastic and unpopular, creating espantadas to operators that if permit them, but It can be that some that another operator is not another solution.

After all if many virtual does not offer the speed reduction after consuming the data credits, or if they are limited to certain amount of data that reduced speed, is because they have to assume those NASA spent more, because your network provider does not have compassion, obviously. We will see that effect has therefore the popularization of calls by WhatsApp, but what is certain is that on more than one virtual offices are casting accounts and can that do not go to some well.