Two Microsoft Lumia-Top Models Coming This Year

Microsoft will in conjunction with the launch of Windows 10 publish two top tuned Lumia-smartphones, sounds a rumor.

Fans of Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system may well look forward to later this year, where two Microsoft Lumia-smartphones with topspecifikationer comes on the market.

This is a rumor from the side Unleash The Phones, as exclusive can report on plans for the two Microsoft-smartphones.

Among media has previously figured in the two code names, Cityman and Talkman, but now there are come for more information about these.

Cityman: 5.7 “fight with topspecifikationer

According to the website will be Microsoft Lumia-Smartphone code-named Cityman a next-generation smartphone with a 5.7 “big screen with a QHD-resolution (2440 x 2560 pixels). It will give a pixel density of the entire 515 pixels per inch, which is not record high, but still among the top.

In addition to the high-resolution screen there will also be an octa-core processor from Qualcomm to find, which presumably will be Snapdragon 810 processor. The whole 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage space will also keep the machinery going.

On the back will sit a 20 MP camera in joined by a triple LED flash while in front of for selfies will be 5 MP at that. A huge battery at 3,300 mAh will be squeezed into the large phone, which bodes for long battery life.

Talkman-5.2 “with 6-core processor

The second Lumia-smartphone from Microsoft is very identical to the previous mentioned, but there are still some minor differences. The screen is shrunk down to 5.2 “, but you will still have the many pixels from the QHD-solution to romp you on. Pixel density on “Talkman”-the smart phone is up on crazy 565 pixels per inch – still beaten by Galaxy S6 on the front.

Instead of eight cores will be equipped with a hexa-core processor from Qualcomm – in other words six cores. Therefore, there is little doubt that we are talking about the same Snapdragon 808-processor used in the recently launched LG G4. There will also be the same 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage space in this slightly less top model.

On the camera front, there are no differences to find where it is the same 20 and 5 MP cameras with the triple LED Flash, which sits in. As a result of the smaller screen and probably the slightly smaller dimensions is cut down to 3000 mAh battery – exactly the same capacity as LG G4.

Rumor sounds too that Microsoft will try to shave the thickness down on this, so it will be even thinner than last year’s Lumia 930, which is 9.8 mm thin.

Comes with Windows 10

The two phones will be launched in connection with that Windows 10 come on the market that you can already get a sneak peek at after having been launched as an early Technical Edition.

There is yet no official launch date for Windows 10 for smartphones and, consequently, these two top models, but it is expected to take place later this year after the summer.