Tuenti Mobile Will Launch into The Adventure of International Calls: 24 Free Countries with VozDigital

Lately we are seeing mobile Tuenti does not capture all customers who would like to capture. NET portability data fell from the figure of 100 lines in March, while we hope that they can finally offer this 4 G which promised on December 15, and which has not yet come, in addition to new rates.

But not today we talk about 4G, but an improvement in their tariffs that can be of interest to many of their customers and prospects. Using VoIP, mobile Tuenti now allows call 24 countries for free, Computing these minutes inside the included in the minutes of VozDigital each rate.

The list of countries include calls, both to fixed and mobile, which is Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, United States, Greece, Italy, Portugal, United Kingdom and Sweden, while countries that include calls to landlines are Germany, Andorra, Argentina, Australia, France, Ireland, Iceland, Israel, Luxembergo, Mexico, Norway, Netherlands, Peru and Switzerland.

Without a doubt the free inclusion of these calls to various international destinations is good news, but for many users it will not be useful. Outside the included minutes international calls are priced at 36.30 cents per minute and 60.50 cents of establishment for countries in the area and of 1.03 euros per minute and 96.80 cents from establishment to other countries.

200 free SMS, also through its APP

In addition to the inclusion of free calls all mobile Tuenti rates now receive another new advantage. It’s 200 SMS to any national destination, to send from the application tuenti mobile but without that the receiver has it. It may seem one improvement of minor, mostly for clients of an operator with high technological profile, but will still be who use the old SMS.