This Is How MASMOV! L Want to Build an Alternative to The Big Three

Soon will be a year of the announcement of the union between MASMOV! L and Ibercom. Without being comparable with the purchase of ONO by Vodafone or other large movements in the Spanish telecommunications market the aspirations of the new operator were clear, succeeding purchases throughout the month.

At present the Group MASMOV! L consists of 10 companies that provide services to 700,000 individuals (400,000 VoIP services) and 25,000 businesses. According to numbers from the company are the sixth operator by revenue and employ 300 people. But after all these numbers and shopping and knowing his ambitious plans, How do want to continue to grow the operator? We try to answer this question then.

Private individuals but also companies

If we talk about MASMOV! L most think of that operator offering services to individuals, with its zero rate with a giga for five euros a month as a star. But within the group we also find a Happy mobile, previously in the hands of Phone House, or service calls using VoIP UppMobile, that could integrate in the near future in the offer of both brands to compete with mobile Tuenti and its VozDigital.

We don’t know what will be the concrete strategy for keep two brands for private individuals, MASMOV! L and mobile Happy, but is something that the big operators are already tested with good results, see Simyo, currently. The tracks could go for a MASMOV! L follow betting on rate configurable zero and a mobile Happy with a supply of bonds data and interesting prepaid rates.

But in addition to individuals-oriented business group also wants to become strong in the enterprise market. There only a few customers but the joining of forces between other Ibercom and Xtra Telecom gives you wings for further growth in this sector. In addition the fiber deployed in Aragon by feeding can make you strong in this community, but the 4g under the band of 3.5 GHz that you can offer thank you will make Neo, designed to substitute the fixed connections, reach more places.

Beyond the usual services that can offer traditional and virtual operators MASMOV! L will also play other doors. It will continue with its commitment for the VoIP and OTT services, with focus on cloud services, but also services wholesale to other operators through Xtra Quantum. In addition it has also reached to mention the possibility to offer TV and music to individuals, but without giving more details.

Can survive without a large own infrastructure?

After purchases undertaken by the Group MASMOV! L, name that will be used from now after a season as MASMOV! L-Ibercom, and some that will still be by dropping the objectives are very clear. An increase of 29% of revenue, from 152 million euros in 2014 to the 196,6 million in 2017, and multiply by 4.3 gross operating profit will not be an easy task.

In addition a simple task with the infrastructure of which owns the operator does not appear. Despite datacenters and some antennas thanks to its acquisitions the lack of a large network of mobile and fixed not will it be easy to MASMOV! L in an environment in which the trend of users is to unify all its services in a single operator, and if not it’s worth of Telstra example.

Then how may it be achieved MASMOV! L its objectives? You should first begin to offer 4 G this year, since if Orange (your network provider) refuses the CNMC could intervene. But great support for this operator and other virtual can also come by the sector regulator, and is called Movistar fiber.

The wildcard of the fiber of Movistar

Currently MASMOV! L already have a convergent offer for individuals, in which they put the mobile part and Jazztel the fixed. It is not to be a very attractive offer, it seems more an offer to retain customers mobile phone that they can flee to other operators rather than a bid to attract new customers, but to access the fiber of Movistar the group could take positions in convergent market.

If the CNMC finally gives access to the other operators Movistar fiber with a wholesale price which is acceptable to a significant door opens. On the one hand the great rivals of Movistar will improve coverage while the virtual may have one more personalized convergent offer that which currently offer some different agreements with large operators.

That option would help MASMOV! L but precisely this operator has not been characterized by waiting for a new regulation you wings. Your purchases have been very intelligent, since they could have bought others virtual simply by its clients but wisely they have opted to diversify the types of businesses that were made.

For this strategy, which will take the group to change the alternative stock market, where recall was Gowex, road to the continuous market in search of more funding to continue growing, why We have to be attentive to the Group MASMOV! L and its next steps.