The Brand that Sells the Most Bikinis Is Not Brazilian

Bikini. It’s not my favorite subject, since I do not like sunbathing and I do not like to dress, but I’m a journalist, I usually talk about fashion and I need to talk about it-in Triangl’s case. Ever heard of it? This is the Australian brand that fell in the taste of such celebrities in the height of summer. Any doubt that it will become an article in the “must have” series of national magazines and bloggers on duty?

Hummm… None, Mariana

Beyoncé, Miley Cyrus, Kendall Jenner and Joan Smalls are clients of this beachwear concept that makes a more sportswear style. In fact, the sportswear style is and will be more and more present in our lives, know this. Legging, even, is already being considered the new jeans, did you know that? All due to the comfort and the ever increasing need (due to comfort and lack of time) to use the clothing previously restricted to the gym on the street.

How Are The Triangle Parts, Mariana?

They have a well-known and easily identifiable aesthetic. 

Will It Say That It Can Not Be Recognized By Far?

According to a report in the English newspaper Telegraph, the brand today sells an average of 1,500 bikinis per day – and has more than 2.8 million followers on Instagram. The price of the pieces is similar to that of the best Brazilian brands. It costs on average (and from) $89 ($ 300). Online sales are expected to close 2015 at $ 60 million, compared to $ 25 million last year.

Consumer’s Greatest Praise Is For The Mid-Beauty Suicide Which Values The Seio

Triangl is Australian and was created three years ago by duo Craig Ellis and Erin Deering. They wisely realized that there was a gap in the market for practical bikinis, but elegant, and made from technological fabrics. All models of the brand are made of neoprene.