Sony DSC-RX100 Mk III: a Compact Camera for the Enthusiast [Test]

Review: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 III provide super crisp images and a host of features. A feast for the camera enthusiasts, who don’t want to go down on the equipment.

Sony’s Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 III is a compact camera with a multitude of options-maybe a bit too many for general use, but a feast for the camera enthusiast, there are no orcs to drag around with the heavy SLR camera.

Sony brings together the essence of their camera skills in the compact Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 III and makes it easier to have superb photo quality in your pocket.

RX-100 (III) is, as its name suggests, the third in the series of compact cameras that deliver a razor-sharp picture and video quality that might be approaching the far larger SLRs. 

It’s similar to the confusion between its two predecessors; same size and the same display. As something new at RX100 III you will find the electronic viewfinder that could be purchased as add-on of RX100 II, as well as a LCD display which can be tilted 180 degrees so that it is ready to take selfies.

The optics now offers only 3 x zoom (24-70 mm), against 4 x in the past (28-100 mm)-Sony gives, however, again by ensuring a bright lens at f/1.8 with f/2.8.

The price of the camera is around 5,375.00 which is well above other compact cameras, but if you do not want to go down on the equipment, it is the camera you should buy.


Goal: 101.6 x 58.1 x 38.3 mm, 290g (with battery and media)
Screens: 7.5 cm, 1,228,800 points, TFT LCD
Closes: 1/2000 to 30 seconds
Sensor: Exmor R CMOS sensor 13 mm x 8 mm
Image: 20.1 Megapixel
Lens: Zeiss Vario Sonnar T *-objetiv, 2.9 x 24-70 mm f/1.8-f/2.8
ISO: still image: 125-25600, Movies: 125-12800
Video: AVCHD, up to 1920 x 1080/50 p at 28 Mbps

A camera with density

The camera has gravity with its 290 grams and the many functions it contains; a foldaway electronic viewfinder, Flash and an LCD screen. The screen can be tilted 180 degrees, which is working to perfect if one is to take a group photo with the family or selfies.

The screen is also ideal for concerts or festivals, since it can be tilted out so you can see the picture from the bottom up.

The camera is sturdy, but fall slightly forward when you have it in your hand, so you must be confident in his grip on it. The size and the included wrist strap makes it easily, however. The buttons may seem a bit small and delicate, but again, it is the compromise one must conclude, when the camera should be as compact. The design is delicious and the menus are easy to use-however, it comes to short in the category of apps, where the interface is cluttered.


Quick and generous searches

The camera is fast on the keys and be started either by beating the EVF up or by turning the on/off button.

The viewfinder is preferable to LCD screen because it’s easier to keep the camera perfectly still and at the same time, change the settings on the lens, so you get the picture you want. Viewfinder delivers a resolution of 1,440 K points, which means that you see a knivskapt and lifelike image. On the way, you are not surprised by the focus points on the image when it is transferred to a bigger screen.

The camera focuses quickly and safely to the subject. You feel safe in its case, when taking a picture of objects in motion. But quite as fast as a single-lens reflex is not.

Razor sharp images

The lens with 24-70 mm range delivers good photo opportunities.

At 24 mm you’ll get a wide angle that includes the whole of the subject and the surrounding area, making it ideal for landscape shots. At max zoom on 70 mm you will not completely close to deidkeret as with a telephoto lens, but the aperture at f/2.8 helps to blur the background and get front motif to stand clearly forward-which makes the camera suitable for portrait images.

It’s easy to set the camera manually, since it both can be done on the lens and on the display using the buttons and screen.

In a dark environment provides the camera also really good images up to ISO 3200. Even with an ISO of 12800, the picture is useful for sharing on the social media.

Full HD recording

The camera also makes video recording easy and delivers 1080 HD video. It is easy to focus, the image is sharp and the sound is also fine, however, may not be connected to external sound recorder.

You can record in slow-motion and as something new, there is the option to save in the brand new XAVC S format makes the picture in great detail. You can also still save in AVCHD, so that you can edit in video programs.
Can be recorded up to 50 frames per second at 28 Mbps and in XAVC S format allows an image of power at 50 Mbps.

As in the style of the images, is it easy to stabilize during video recording. It makes it obvious to footage of activities, both if it is a football game or a concert. However, it requires a good light, since the camera may have a little difficulty to focus in the dark, when the objects are moving.

In theory, share yours

You can share the images directly to your phone or computer via Wi-Fi. It requires that you install the app Play memories, which you can find here. It is clearly an advantage if you have taken a group photo that needs to be shared with friends.

In theory it should work by connecting its smartphone to the camera’s hot spot and then open the app on your phone, but in reality I can’t get it to work. Alternatively, you can connect to your camera via your home network in order to use the app, but then removed the idea of quick sharing on the road and with friends.

All in all, works the ‘ chic ‘ Wi-Fi sharing messy and I would at any time transfer via SD card or HDMI.


The idea of RX100 Mk III has obviously been to pick an SLR in a compact container-and so does Sony to ug with cross and snake. The price is a little more than other compact cameras, but it is worth the money if you do not want to compromise on image quality.

Sony’s RX100 Mk III is an excellent camera with a host of features. It can with good will replace mirror reflex camera-both in terms of image and video. But it is also in the same price range as a amateur SLR, however, without the possibility of different lenses. It is suitable for the photo enthusiast, who loves to play with settings, but for general use, it is almost too advanced.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 Mk III therefore gets 5 out of 6 possible stars.


  • Probably the best compact camera on the market
  • Wireless transfer
  • Great picture quality
  • Good manual adjust


  • Relatively high price
  • For advanced for general use
  • Arduino Wi-Fi sharing