Samsung: Partial Agreement with Hundreds of Medical Staff

A large number of former Samsung employees believe to have become seriously ill due to hazardous chemicals and radiation on Samsung’s factories.

Samsung Electronics has agreed to let a number of independent inspektøre inspect a part of their factories in connection with hundreds of employees who ascribe their serious illness to his employment with Samsung.

For over a year, Samsung has handled complaints from a large number of employees who allege that they have been exposed to dangerous chemicals and radiation which ultimately has resulted in serious illness.

Employees and families have come together in a group called Sharps, here one has previously refused to accept an inspection team as Samsung even wanted to appoint.

The new team as both sides have now accepted, get a professor of labour law at the head and over the next three years to inspect selected factories.

Hwang Sang-ki, a prominent face in the Sharps Group since his daughter died of leukemia, wait to judge the agreement until he has seen the Samsung to cooperate fully with the new group. Samsung even pronounce that they have plans to implement recommendations that might come from the team.

83 million dollars Fund created

Samsung last year created a fund with 83 million dollars which would cover the costs of compensation fund they call themselves a goodwill gesture and should also be used for preventive methods.

The Court in South Korea has found a causal connection between the four cancer diagnoses and exposure to hazardous substances in Samsung’s factories. At Samsung we believe that there is no evidence for such a connection because studies have found increased levels of chemicals and radiation in the factories, but it has been within the law.

More than 150 people have been in touch with Samsung in connection with the Fund, more than 100 have so far accepted financial support to give their rights to conduct litigation. Together with the financial support, have each recipient got a letter from Samsung’s Director who expresses heartfelt sympathy.

Hwang is not particularly impressed and says that in some cases, the financial support does not cover the medical expenses as well as to “Samsung just trying to finish the problem with money”