Rumor: Apple’s iPad Gets a Big “12.9 Bluetooth Stylus

The iPad, which Apple 12.9 “great work on, it becomes possible to operate with a Bluetooth stylus, reads the latest rumor.

When Apple presents its next iPad, it will not be with the well-known 9.7 “big screen or 7.9” small screen from the mini-series. It will be really an even greater one at that, on the whole 12.9 “with an accompanying stylus.

This is a new rumor from Apple Insider, which has been in talk with a person who is familiar with Apple’s plans for future products. The great iPad, referred to as the iPad Pro, will not only have the 12.9 “big screenas previous rumor.

Comes with Bluetooth stylus and NFC

It will be possible to operate according to the rumor with a stylus, which is connected to the iPad through a Bluetooth connection. The included stylus will be touch-sensitive, so hard pressure are recorded as thicker lines in e.g. drawing programs.

As a result of the added stylus will also undergo a number of changes to the display panel, so the delay between the press screen and handlingern is reduced in order to improve the user experience. Apple’s new Force Touch technology used in Apple Watch are also a part of the great iPad, it is reported.

An NFC connection, as with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, will find their way, but not so you can use it to pay with. It will instead act as an Apple Pay-terminal so that it can take against Apple Pay-payments.

Get the new USB Type C-port

The large iPad “Pro” will be equipped with the new USB Type C-port, which Apple also uses in its tinyMacBook computer. With this USB port you will not have to come to turn plug wrong, since there is no right or wrong way. There will also be faster transfers of data and power with.

A previous rumor indicates that there may be teams in the new reports. Here were cases for the rygtede “big iPad leaked, 12.9 where there is room for not just one, but two ports. The other may be Apple’s own Lightning-port, but it is still safe.


The processor will be even more

The source also tells to Appleinsider that the processor not only will be the current and highly potent A8X processor from Apple, which sits in the iPad Air 2, but, not surprisingly, instead the next generation of processor.