RACCtel Still Inheriting The Rates of Euskaltel, Is Now The Turn for The Family

Since Euskaltel took control of the brand RACCtel rates of the automotive brand strategy has been copying somewhat of Millicom Basque. From the lowest rates to which include unlimited calls almost all are present as a trace in one and another operator.

And we know today news in RACCtel, coming back to replicate a rate that has been offering long Euskaltel. It’s the Family rate, offering Unlimited national calls and 1 GB data at maximum speed, which in RACCtel is offered a minimum of two lines of a same owner.

The “new” rate RACCtel Family offers the same conditions as the rate of the same name of Euskaltel. Up to 7,000 minutes a month on domestic calls and 1 GB, reducing to 64 kbps overwhelmed giga and cutting the connection to the five gigas, for two lines for 29.90 euros per month It is the offering now incorporates the brand. It also offers the possibility of hiring up to three additional lines with the same conditions for six euros each.

Perhaps interested more in other rates 2 x 1

The Family rate is a rate quite interesting but despite its incorporation RACCtel continues to offer a 2 x 1 for a year in 15 flat rates and unlimited + 3 GB. In this way they can be two lines with unlimited calls and 1 GB by 18.09 euros a month or 3 GB / 30.90 euros per month.

The promotion of the 2 x 1, available at least until the end of June, just a year but past this user who has been enjoying this promotion could opt to pack to another operator. Conditions for access to this advantage is that at least one of the two lines come from portability and the first sign a stay of one year.

All the details of the complete range of rates RACCTel is follows: