Production of Pebble Hour-Smartwatch Starts Next Week

The new Kickstarter-funded Pebble Hour-smartwatch put into production next week with delivery this month.

If you are waiting eagerly for the new Pebble Hour-smartwatch, financed by the buyers at cloudfunding-the website Kickstarter, there’s good news ahead. The production of the watch begins for next week.

It tells the people behind the new clock in an update on Kickstarter, which can also add to the expected delivery time is set for this month, but that some also might receive it in early June.

Pebble Hour is the third clock from the company that gets the economy to run around solely by potential customers contribute to the project on the website Kickstarter.

If the required amount is achieved, the project becomes a reality, and you can therefore expect to receive the product in question, in particular early as thanks for your donation.

Beats all records on the website Kickstarter

Just with the latest Pebble Time-clock struck the company all previous records on the website. In just 17 minutes was the necessary $ 500,000 corresponding to 3.4 million. dollars collected, while today there are collected staggering $ 20 million. or 135 million. dollars to the project of 78,471 contributors – and it is so instrumental to that agency can now come into production.

Pebble-clock with a focus on design

Pebble Hour is a smartwatch directed focus toward design in relation to the original Pebble-clock. You will therefore have a clock with soft edges and a framework of stainless steel, while the former Black and white screen of e-paper-type is replaced with one that now can display colors.

Despite a 20% thinner design than its predecessor agency still manages to hold power for up to 7 days – something the competition can’t boast.

The new Pebble-smartwatch also introduces an improved steering system, which is built around a Time line in order to streamline all content that will entering on the clock ticking through Bluetooth connection from either an Android or iOS smartphone.