Personal Shopping-The Fastest Way to The Favorite Look?

The old problem: The cupboard is full & you have nothing to wear

If you also not the kind man, sort clothes by color and already in the evening put out their carefully composed outfits, you know it: it is in the morning before the proppevollen Cabinet, went through skirts, dresses and tops (“I have actually five different stripes shirts?”) and will yet again the favorite jeans and the cozy Cardigan. And when the next shopping trip? To make himself down, time to dare something, tried through loads of clothes-and ends up at the same parts as always (keyword: striped shirts).

The solution: A consulting personal shopping?

No matter whether one has no time and desire, even after new clothes to look, or get style suggestions for his wishes, personal shopping consultations in the network, also curated or personal shopping, are becoming increasingly popular. But really works as a consulting from afar? Fashion editor Julia Müller has tried it.

Review: the style advice from Zalon by Zalando

How does it work? First of all I register online under Then I click me through a questionnaire, judge photos (“would you this look wear?”), ask for example after favorite colors, my body dimensions and brands that I would never wear. Also there is the option to upload a photo. The whole thing is pretty clearly structured and quickly filled.

And then? Next, I set up a telephone appointment with a stylist. In my case this is Saskia Hilgenberg – and she’s sympathetic me right off the bat. We talk for about half an hour, she let me describe my style and ask exactly what I’m looking. Should it be for the Office or for your leisure time? I’m wearing some high heel shoes? I like skirts? What’s with colorful patterns? Based on my answers she puts together a personal package for me, with two complete outfits of the shoe to the coat. In addition, she puts into additional part as “Stylist Choice” she accepts that it could me.

What does it cost? The advice is free, you pay only the price of the clothes, which ends up in the package. And if I don’t like something, I can return it as usual free.

And what does the result look like?

According to, I’m pretty excited, what has chosen Saskia for me. Also, if we have spoken only on the phone, yes also something about your selection indicates what she sees in me. The first impression when you open the package: beautiful colors, comfortable materials–that I would take probably also in business in the locker room. The second insight trying to: Saskia had a really good knack for the right sizes. The trousers by Hugo Boss (pictured right) fits like a glove, I think the platform shoes to super. Also, the sweater fits-scratching but unfortunately fairly. The coat to this Office outfit (not pictured) is rather large, I find but top cut and color.

For outfit number 2 (left) I had a skirt liked by Saskia. She has chosen a model with wrinkles in bright orange. The would have certainly made a bow in the business I attracted the rock I really like, especially in combination with the camelfarbenen Cardigan and white blouse. These black opaque tights and ankle boots-and I got my “Christmas with the family” outfit.

Especially done to the dark blue pencil skirt by Kilian Kerner, additionally selected by Saskia as a “Stylist Choice” sent it to me but. He has become a real alternative the jeans, which I am always attack.

Three questions for the Zalon stylist Saskia Hilgenberg

For whom is personal shopping?

Most of my clients are interested in fashion and buy like online. Many are looking for new inspiration about us. Or they have a specific part and don’t know how they can combine it. Because I help then.

What tips do you have for customers who try out personal shopping for the first time?

Of course, to be open to new proposals is the be-all and end-all. A full body shot makes it easier to assess the size of the stylists. And if you about white, style models is called what you want and can well explain, what you don’t like, that helps enormously.

Nevertheless, it is surely difficult to seek out clothes for someone you don’t know.

Sometimes it is quite a challenge, but that makes me insanely happy. You notice on the phone fairly quickly someone is how picky. With time, you get a sense of what who might like. I always ask the motivation that will help. And we have a huge offer, which is good also in Zalando.

Even more personal shopping

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