Pekeño Android: Vintage and Modern in a Garment

The Latin American independent design community is home to a melting pot of professions. In fact many brands are led by people who do not have the degree of formal Designer, but that costa’s tenacity and passion manage to consolidate it. That is the case of Renzo Domínguez, Peruvian social communicator who in February 2007 gave life to The Android Pekeño. “Humans have many ways of expressing and through the clothing we carry every day also we know who we are, show States of minds, personalities and tastes. Sometimes the clothing speaks for us”, says about his decision to make this job turn.

For this reason your proposal describes it as vintage and modern, since worry about mixing cuts and classical forms as a way of stylizing the feminine silhouette and give it a modern retro and, at the same time, wave. “Game with bold and most current forms. The search of the feminine in every one of the designs is a premise, “says creator.

Their sources of inspiration

“In fact ” much of my inspiration is my mother . Their stories and photos showing us since childhood to my sister and my. His vaporous dresses, collars, eyelets, strategic cuts, fabrics and prints amazing, and on the other hand, I like to observe people on the street to later experiment with bolder cuts much mixing textures or using fabrics in little experienced garments. Experiment, play, mix, blend from the observation”.
This Renzo used as fetish materials cotton flat, point, velvets, Chiffons, felts buttons and zippers.

Their participation in the collective self-management

“Peru is a country with many textile industry, because it has raw materials of first quality. Large clothing companies and brands more important and expensive in the world make their productions in here. Faced with this fight for broadcast and the habit of consumption of independent design is a challenge, so the importance of belonging to a collective.
The collective self-management seeks to create events such as display cases ” for our proposals and thus more people accustomed to consuming clothing in department stores or international brands, know the meaning of independent design, our proposal, the concept that each brand and the production process that encompasses a more human and social side”.

Looking at the circuit of Peru independent fashion

“The alternative design in Peru is constantly evolving. ” Say that in recent years the movida has acquired many followers and many brands with different, unusual and interesting proposals have emerged. There is still long way to go to become a potential and striking stage at the South American level. What is important is to provide a seal particular and distinctive while maintaining the bases of the alternative, which is the custom and the limited edition, something I have always present as a brand”.

The catwalks of the future

“More on catwalks, I would like to ” my brand to have presence in urban movements in other countries. ” Be a real and tangible proposal in the cities of the world”.