Overview: Danish Mobile to Test New iOS Ready and Ending with the Bibob

Here you can get a quick and simple overview of the biggest stories from the week that was.

A new Danish born mobile went this week through our site test machinery. It is barely a year old the ID2ME company that is behind, but unfortunately there was not only praises for the new Danish smartphone.
This week also featured a little drama in connection with mergers. Telenor moves for Bibob under CBB, which means that certain subscription prices will change. get an overview including:

Telenor puts Bibob together with CBB
Telecommunications company Telenor puts his one low-cost carrier, Bibob, during the second, CBB. See what it gets by importance to you as a customer.

Telenor puts the price up and remove a subscription
Telenor puts up the price of the cheapest subscription in response to TDC and Telia’s price increases and removing at the same time another.

Another merger that strikes sparks is Lenovo disassembly of the Motorola brand, as wounds uncertain hot around popular phones future.

Lenovo: connect with good budget phones from Motorola
Motorola, which are pioneers the mobile phone industry, is soon to be past-focus will now be on the high end, while the strong budget phones will completely disappear.

Lenovo clarifies: Moto G and E remain
Motorola’s best selling mobile phones, Moto Moto (E), (G) and remains in the range according to the company’s owners, Lenovo.

Apple came this week with a sneak peek at the upcoming iOS 9.3 version which has great upgrades-see list below:

IOS 9.3 beta released: Here are all the news
Apple has released a beta version of iOS 9.3 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Get an overview here all news in the new iOS version.

End with mobillys who dazzles at night
With iOS 9.3 is a new feature on the road, which makes it possible to avoid bright light from the phone at night.

See also the week’s testing and hands-on

Lenovo Yoga Loss 3 Pro-a hit for media man [TEST]
Lenovo brings a new family member to the flexible Yoga-series, which is known for combining motive power with a functional design.

Microsoft Lumia 550-there are better alternatives [TEST]
Microsoft’s latest budget mobile Lumia 550 has a nice display, but the rest are just as good or better in the cheaper Lumia 640.

Id1-mobile to test: A stumbling start [TEST]
Review of ID1: The Danish smartphone-debutant ID2ME may back to the drawing board, for ID1 lag on several points.

LG V10: hands-on with the robust flagship [WEB]
LG V10 is both stylish and sturdy. Mobilsiden.dk takes a closer look at the new South Korean flagship.