Nokia Lumia Icon Is Just around The Corner, We Know It in White

It is taking time to get to the market, and why we know it practically from last summer. Now called Nokia Lumia Icon – before Lumia 929-, reappears in images, on this occasion in an elegant white.

It is still a terminal linked to American operators, particularly Verizon, and from it we hope to be a giant – but the super – reduced version Nokia Lumia 1520. From 6 to 5 inches, or a figure close, while retaining the Full HD resolution and Snapdragon 800 hardware.

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The images are part of press material, and as we teach each side of the phone, we can see that it gets a square design, that my I particularly like. Missing the logo of Nokia or the operator, or the navigation Windows under the screen buttons.

It should not be much for the official presentation in the United States, evleaks gives two dates: 5 February or March 5. It accompanies the information with a new image taken from the user manual. Logically the phone will feature an international version, and there is already a version circling China.