Netflix Is Spreading to the Whole of the 157 New Countries

The popular streaming service, Netflix, extends to almost the entire world and now supports nothing less than 239 different countries and areas.

Things are going swimmingly for Netflix, which is the absolute most popular streaming service, not only in Denmark, but globally. Now streaming service is not “only” reserved for the 60 countries spread across the various continents, but as well as available all over the world. The company writes in a press release.

The list now perceive nothing inferior to 239 countries and regions, where the only sites, Netflix cannot be accessed, the Crimea, North korea and Syria.

The publication of the gigantic extension of Netflix took place at the recently ongoing CES tradeshow in Las Vegas. Here pronounce Netflix’ Director, Reed Hastings, the following:

“Today is in witnessing the birth of a new, global internet-based television network. With this launch can consumers around the world-from Singapore to St Petersburg, from San Francisco to Sao Paulo-enjoy tv shows and movies at the same time-no waiting longer. With the help of the Internet we put power in the hands of consumers to view anytime, anywhere on any device. “

Just as is the case with Netflix here in Denmark, which in these new countries will also apply to a number of restrictions in relation to which movies and tv series that have rights to that show. Netflix-Director gives, however, a strong indication that it is not with the company’s good will, that is the case.

“We develop ourselves as quickly, we can […] but we are still to some extent a catch in the current distribution structure “, to which he adds: ” the technology is there; It is the business model that now stands in the way “.