MÁSMOVIL Adds Flexibility to The Prepayment with More Rates, Reduction of Speed and International Bond

MÁSMOVIL It has completely renovated its rates for card offering traditional prepaid that help control spending with the new rate combines It inherits the flexibility that we had seen in contract and that increasingly more characterises the MVNO’s to help save, creating a rate almost tailored to the needs of each user.

The new offer replaces the previous range of rates prepaid with up to 16 new combinations available to those who consume less that he allows to create your best rate by completing the rate base with up to three bonds of minutes to choose between 40, 70 and 120 minutes 3, 4.5 to 6.5 euros respectively that is possible to add other three bond of 300, 600 MB or 1 GB data 3. 6 and 9 euros respectively.

Keeping the recharges without compromises as main difference with tariffs of contract and prepaid with automatic recharge, the new prepaid combines MÁSMOVIL adds new can of follow sailing at 16 Kbps once consumed your rate data but limited to 100 MB extra for rates of 300 and 600 MB or 200 MB extra for 1 GB bonus. Once sold out the extra at reduced speed, billed to 3.6 cents/MB or the bonus data without having to wait for that you end up 30 days after entry into force of the previous bond already consumed may be renewed.

With respect to the above rates prepaid, although offer is flexibility and improvement in the majority of cases, are two exceptions in MÁSMOVIL worsening conditions of the tariff offered by 50 minutes and 1 GB for 10 euros and tariff of 150 minutes and 1 GB for 15 euros.

Bonds of voice and data was remade so automatically and independently once overcome 30-day validity of each bond provided that there is sufficient balance, although they may be low early so if you do not want your auto-renewal.

MÁSMOVIL has also created new bonus for international calls compatible with any combination of rates prepaid including 100 minutes at a cost that varies according to the destination in which we are interested to choose from 8 euros for Europe + USA, 8 euros for Denmark + Finland + Norway + Sweden, 11 euros for America or 7.5 euros for Asia + Oceania.

So is the offer complete rates MÁSMOVIL