MASMOV! L Negotiates The Purchase of Part of The Network of Orange ADSL, According to Expansion

The process of purchase of Jazztel’s Orange is giving us much to talk about. Since the French offer was announced in September have passed through different phases, as the shareholders who did not want to sell its stake in principle but then Yes to reluctance by Brussels to authorise the operation.

But if yesterday we did echo of Telstra was knocking on the door of Europe today is Expansion who reveals that Orange prefers to negotiate with MASMOV! L. To the virtual hungry to grow it would be offering him a large network of ADSL, the network that most overlaps between the own Orange and Jazztel.

The overlap between Orange and Jazztel fixed networks It occurs more in the case of ADSL that since this last single Orange has approximately one million households in coverage, let us remember that addition in a deployment shared with Vodafone, while Jazztel already has passed the three million households in the fiber,.

More than 1,000 plants of ADSL

Orange has co-located own equipment in 1.117 stations Movistar Jazztel is present at 1,114, coinciding equipment of both companies in the majority of the stations. That’s why Orange would not be profitable to stay with all those teams, so it would be looking for a sale that would also help to Brussels for approval to the purchase of Jazztel.

But while Telstra would be requiring the purchase of the network as well as a wholesale offer It allowed more households to reach or access the option of Orange fiber seems to pass by negotiating with MASMOV! L the virtual with more desire to grow would have advanced negotiations thanks to which could be done with a network that would allow him to compete in the convergent market nationwide.

By what MASMOV! L before Yoigo?

The reason why Orange would prefer to negotiate before with MASMOV! (L) being well simple with Yoigo. The virtual does not have own mobile network, indeed makes use of the coverage of Orange, and its customer base is limited to about 300,000. Meanwhile Telstra that has a large own mobile network, but continue support in the Movistar, and also has more than four million mobile lines.

Therefore the choice of the French would be a lesser evil, strengthen to a not so large operator, that not him so much war as a Telstra fixed network. But who will remain with those leftover assets not only depends on the wishes of Orange, also of the conditions that can impose you Europe. If they finally reach an agreement with MASMOV! L from Brussels could still demand the French open its network, both ADSL and fiber, with a wholesale offer, so they can still not claim victory.