Male Cardigan: How to Use? Tips, Models and 60 Looks

Creating stylish compositions with key pieces that give that full up in style is the goal of every man who likes to dress well. In this line, what is not missing are incredible options to use and abuse in all seasons, as is the case of the men ‘s cardigan.

Super versatile and ready for guys of all tastes, it is increasingly popular and enhances the look in a wonderful way.This is precisely the theme of our article, which has many legal tips and photos to inspire you.Prepared?Come on!

A bold, classic and very beautiful piece, the men’s cardigan still draws attention for providing more and more eclectic and interesting compositions. It is very traditional and it is not today that the fashion world has taken hold of it to leave many people impressed.

According to records, since the nineteenth century he makes the head of many men, first used by James Thomas Brudenell, military leader of Wales, who even would have sewn his own cardigan. From then on, this type of coat that goes well and that goes well with practically everything became popular and nowadays can be seen in several lines and nuances.

Besides, there is no more of that which is unique to winter .There are many cool ideas to use in the summer too, as part of the casual men’s style that is preferred by many guys.Note from the photos above that the cardigan is very well combined with a freer look: both with shorts, t-shirts, slippers and, of course, accessories.

Following this concept, the only recommendations for using men’s cardigan are:

  • Have good sense in the composition and choose balanced colors , avoiding a disharmonic combination that does not favor the look.To avoid error, always prefer those in darker colors.
  • Use cuts according to your biotype. Chubby should prefer broader types and not so slim fit, which is a more suitable cut for those who are thin.
  • Prints are very rarely welcomed.The stripes, mainly, can give bad impression in the look.It is best not to risk and always use a monochrome type.
  • It is not because it is versatile that the men’s cardigan should be incorporated into any look.You must always balance with the pieces in complement so that it does not get ‘lost’ and leave you up with a tacky look.

In addition, you can wear cardigan with pants of all kinds, shorts, blazer, shirts, t-shirts, sweater and various shoes.Enjoy and complete the look with many accessories!

Male Cardigan Models


The long model has followed the oversized trend that is so common nowadays.Many styles are based on this tendency of the shirts and sweaters longer, as is the case of the swag .In fact, combining the elongated masculine cardigan with any shirt is very alternative and elegant, a composition that is very interesting and suitable for any occasion.

Do you know that piece that gives the final plus in the look, which you wear before you leave and feel charming? Yeah, the cardigan is like that!

This model refers to a more youthful and free look, the face of an urban and light nuance, great for the casual and even more chic style

You can use to go in the most varied events that will be splendid!

Some elongated models resemble even the famous overcoat, but much lighter and cooler

Who loves the swag style and more alternative to use this piece quietly. It looks good even with the famous oversized T-shirt

The length can be either up to the waist or as a kind of cover even, enhancing the look in an incredible way

It is impossible not to feel very elegant with this key piece, a joker for a balanced and sophisticated composition!


If sober colors dominate the men’s cardigan, nothing like black is considered the main one, after all, that tone matches everything and is suitable for boys of all styles and ages.When in doubt about which model to choose, choose this one.The combinations are varied and serve both a more formal look and social, to go to work on a daily basis or in an event that calls for charm.Also, you feel very light!

Models with buttons are even more practical, with the possibility of using both closed and open

Note that the men’s cardigan looks great in combination with the social shirt, so you can wear it in a freer formal style

There are no rules of use regarding the model of the pants and the shirt! Generally, the piece is suitable with any type, from jeans to chino, from plain to regata / jeans


Already for those who like a lighter color to give a lit in the visual and do not leave it so formal, white is the best choice.This type is interesting to use on those hotter days, matched with pretty much everything too.If you do not like the ‘total white’ tone, you can choose the ‘off white’, the one that is ‘dirty’ or close to the beige.

The tone of the white may oscillate a little and not be so strong

Most follow the off white trend, which is currently high and inspires many brands

Accessories such as stripes and buttons are interesting details that add value to the piece. It is well worth choosing a model with these props. Look at the photos that can serve as a tranquil overlay!


Medium between white and black, gray is for the undecided. Joking aside, it does not have more interesting and versatile color to enhance your look, even more for having lighter and darker tones, so it is that perfect choice that will match everything. You can get an idea of ​​the photos of how interesting it is to have such a model in your closet!

From the darkest to the lightest, gray always enchants and makes the head of many boys

For a winter look it’s perfect. See also that it blends a lot with various prints and colors, such as blue jeans

The color goes from a more alternative to more formal type, depends on the way you want to go out and increase your style

Regardless of your style and age range, it is impossible not to have one of these available to give that plus in several compositions

From elongated to traditional, make a choice that leaves your look powerful and very stylish!

How to Wear Male Cardigan:Looks and Looks Tips


This is a super classic proposition.Ideal for executives and boys who need to dress well for work or any event that demands refinement, but on the other hand, it does not have to be as formal as that.So instead of wearing a blazer or a coat, the cardigan gives a more serene look and looks great as an overlay to the social shirt and tie, as you can see in the images we have selected!

David Beckham, a reference in men’s fashion, has already paraded around with his men’s cardigan + tie

Would you wear this yellow? It has to have a lot of personality!

The slim necktie is up and looks great with a more fit cardigan model, modeling well to the body

The bow tie is also welcome and gives an even more harmonic and complementary to the composition


The closed male cardigan model came from the modern fashion, an alternative to renew the piece and give new ares to it.In any case, it should be used in the same way as the traditional one, without any secrets.What differs is the more casual nuance, ideal for matching t-shirts, pants and sneakers, whether fully sealed or buttoned.

In this case, the prints and the details are more liberal

The closed model is great for wearing with tie too, even more in winter

Many brands have focused on producing more alternative and non-standard models in neutral colors, investing in different designs and concepts

The fully closed, buttonless men’s cardigan style reminds even a new type of sweater

There’s no way you can not feel beautiful and chic with that piece, do you?

So, what do you think of the men ‘s cardigan? Will use? Which model did you like the most? Tell us your impressions and opinions, we’ll be happy to know. Good luck and see you next time! (I.e.