Lycamobile Is Targeting The Rates Per Minute with Free Establishment

Lycamobile, the OMV recently wanted to draw the attention of users by having one giga prices cheapest on the market, hiding behind him one of the most expensive domestic voice rates due primarily to his bulging cost of the establishment of so-called but aware of this, it seems that they now want to give one alternative without establishment for those who primarily make calls short below the four minutes per call.

And do it with a rate of 6 cents per minute which becomes the cheapest rates such once Jazztel decided to remove his same price but which also is supplemented with free calls between users with Lycamobile.

Lycamobile thus established its offer in three main rates with different advantages:

  • National rate the most expensive rates but that includes up to twice the free balance in all the refills and that, in practice, can be assumed to pay half in the part of voice and data rates to be reached so attractive as figures 1 GB by 3.75 euros.
  • Plan Smart you will need one of the rates fairer to talk about having no call set-up and some enviable data rates among the rest of rates prepaid lacking establishment.
  • Similar to the national rate, the Savings plan rather than give balance it directly lowers rates so you know how much will pay at any time with interesting discount on bonds of minutes as the internet rates that they turn out to be the cheapest prepaid.

So is the offer complete LycaMobile rates