Lady Tip: Vintage, Finish with Luschig and Coffee

In the section “The Lady-Tip” we present you small pieces from the Internet, exhibitions, promotions, books or shops.Today, two of the three Lady tips round the German capital turn.We introduce you to some particularly beautiful vintage shops in Berlin, as well as the Berlin start-up COFFEE CIRCLE, which sells fair coffee.In addition, we would like to draw your attention to the new work of Julian Hartmann “Conclusion with Luschig – Guidance to Mannness”, in which the Lady blog is wonderfully mentioned.

  1. Vintage shops in Berlin

You can keep Berlin from what you like, but it is undoubtedly a vintage and antiques paradise.Countless second hand and antique shops as well as bars and cafes in the look of bygone times let retro-loving hearts beat faster.Especially the districts of Neukölln, Mitte, Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain are an Eldorado for lovers of furnishings and clothing from the 20s to 70s.The website has put together the most beautiful vintage shops for you.One of them is, for example, the flotsam in Kreuzberg – a true treasure trove for vintage furniture, rarities and curiosities.The focus of the piece of furniture is here on the stilpoche of the 1970s.The pieces often convey the feeling of having landed in an old American agent film.

  1. Closing with Luschig

Do you remember the novel “Forever July”, which I have recommended to you here ?The journalist and author Julian Hartmann alias Bernhard Blöchl has added a life counselor among the people, who is supposed to lead softened men back to the true manners, in addition to the novel and blog “Conclusion with Luschig”.That a man needs the book urgently, you recognize, for example, in the following sentences: “Do not always call me a bear, hare!”, “Ayurvedic rice stamp massages I could have every day.” Or “I can not bear that alone, I’ve got my back! “I was particularly pleased with the” 33 websites that modern men and women should regularly visit”, as the GQ magazine and the Gentleman blog are the third place to recommend the Lady blog.

  1. Fair coffee from Berlin

Everyone who knows me knows I’m a great coffee fan.Since, however, it is often not clear under which conditions the coffee beans are won, I greatly appreciate initiatives such as the young Berlin start-up COFFEE CIRCLE and would like to put it to you.The company has set itself the goal of selling coffee from Ethiopia – due to the optimal conditions one of the best cultivation areas in the world – through a fair trade.The coffee is cultivated in natural forest gardens under optimal conditions and without the use of pesticides, hand-picked and gently drum-roasted.To ensure quality in the long term, employees travel yearly to Ethiopia and choose the best harvest of the year – of course in organic quality.The farmers receive high customer prices, the whole thing happens without intermediary.

For each kilo of coffee sold, Coffee Circle invests € 1 in Ethiopian development projects, as a buyer you can decide for which project the donation is used