Jeans for Everything: See What Kind of Pants Matches Your Body

Jeans for everything: see what kind of pants matches your body

Jeans are an essential part of the wardrobe.Who does not abuse their day-to-day jeans?These pants leave the TDB look if you know how to match other pieces.

Do you know which type of pants is best for your body?Jeans can be great for hiding grease and helping to enhance the silhouette.See which pants most suit you and ruin!

Jeans for Everything See What Kind of Pants Matches Your Body 1

1 – Straight pants

Straight pants, which go straight from the knee to the foot, favor all body types and help lengthen the silhouette.The pants with darker shades are also better to leave you phyna!The good thing about straight pants is that it matches any type of shoe.Tip: Tight jeans and low waist is not good for lengthening the body and let the greasy appearing.

Beyoncé bet on straight pants and fine-toed shoes.It was perfect for her!

2 – Skinny pants

The skinny pants are super trendy and are just waist up to the feet.They have a material that fits the body more and marks a lot.They can be worn with sneakers and boots on top of the pants.Longer belts and shirts are welcome.Just be careful, because if you have a wide hips or very thick thighs, these pants increase the silhouette even more.

Jeans for Everything See What Kind of Pants Matches Your Body 2

Victoria Justice wore skinny pants with all star and a loose sweater.Basic and cute look!

3 – High waist trousers

To wear high waist pants, your body should be well proportioned.This model draws attention to the hips and breasts.For those who are short, it is an excellent request, since the high waist pants lengthen the legs.If the pants are fair, the blouses should be wider.It’s super trendy and TDB!

Diva Miley Cyrus loves to innovate in looks.The high waist wide-leg pants combined with the shoe and the rest of the visu.Perfect!

Jeans for Everything See What Kind of Pants Matches Your Body 3

4 – Straight pants

Tights are great for anyone who wants to disguise wide hips, especially with large back pockets and high waist.Those who have thick thighs should avoid this type of pants, since they mark a lot.However, if you want to value the curves, it is a good request.

Kristen Stew and Selena Gomez are skinny and tight pants fell perfectly on them, as did the combination of the shoes, which helped stretch the silhouette.TDB!

By choosing the right pants for your body type, jeans can be perfect for any occasion!Remember to choose comfortable and tight pants.Dressing well is not only looking beautiful, but also getting along with your clothes =)