Jazztel Changes The Conditions of Your Fare Prepayment, Goodbye to The Establishment of Free

Today the rate per minute most popular between the various operators is which allows to call zero cents per minute, paying only the establishment of call, which typically is 18 cents. But despite the lowering of the price of the minute, impossible to continue lowering, there is still users who prefer no call set-up rates.

The strength of this type of fees is in the calls short, since these are the most affected by the rates with establishment. Is for this reason that the rate of Jazztel prepaid, which offers calls at six cents per minute without establishment, is interesting, but forget it. As of March 20 the operator changes its strategy and will charge the establishment.

The new settlement will be 15 cents, somewhat lower than usual in other operators

Jazztel prepaid card users have received during these days a message informing them of change of conditions of your fare. The aforementioned date national calls will have a cost of zero cents per minute the first ten minutes of each call (then six cents per minute) and 15 cents of establishment call.

The new rate will continue to be more advantageous than the of the vast majority of operators, its establishment is three cents cheaper, but cease to be attractive for users who primarily make short calls. Their current rate would still be more profitable in calls of up to two and a half minutes, from where the new will be more profitable.

With the movement of Jazztel who opt for without call set-up rates they are without their best option, disappearing a few rates offered this option in prepaid. The best choice in prepaid would be the of CSF, with calls to eight cents per minute and without having to hire a bonus data, while in Pepephone offering calls to 8.5 cents per minute with a bonus of 1.2 GB per 6.9 euros a month on contract.