It Increases The Offer for Freelancers and Companies among The OMVs after Improvements of CSF

Despite the more than 30 MVNO’s that we have in Spain, few had dared to have a offer for freelancers and companies where Vodafone, Orange and especially Movistar, will have distributed professional without too much competition but gradually market continues to expand the offer with improvements that also affect CSF and making it grow along with other operators such as BT, Oceans, ION, Vozelia and Ibercom.

CSF has renovated practically all fares offering somewhat less flexible than the previous range of rates but if more competitive despite being reduced to five rates different: the most basic one without internet and without call set-up, more other four rates to speak and surf giving more importance to the part of voice as a difference to the overwhelming supply of Oceans that has generous bonuses of data.

The renovated rates reservation of CSF they depart from 150 minutes for 12 euros, continuing with 1,200, 400 and 3,000 minutes that add to 500 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB and 3 GB respectively to a maximum cost of 43.50 euros whose details you can see in the following table and sharing conditions such as the reduction of speed 64 Kbps for excess data the calls to 9.7 cents the minute without call set-up.
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