Id1-Mobile to Test: A Stumbling Start [TEST]

Review of ID1: The Danish smartphone-debutant ID2ME may back to the drawing board, for ID1 lag on several points.

As ID1, the first Danish smartphone for a long time, made his debut last week, was the mission sharply defined.

The company behind, ID2ME, believes that there is a gap in the market, a niche that needs to be explored.Thinking here that on the 15-25 year olds, for the company’s own survey points to the fact that more than half of the generation calls for rethinking towards a more personal smartphone experience.

The ID2ME will deliver, and of the problem is the solution ID1-the phone with its very unique interface.

Biggest topic of conversation by ID1 is not, however, the ideas behind, but rather the nationalities behind Mobile-for it is a PEAR Danish team of designers, developers and commercial forces that stand behind with Christina Agger and her 15-year-old experience in the industry at the forefront.

It requires a good deal of courage to take a stand against giants like Apple and Samsung on their home ground, but the idea of the company is relying on its niche and targeted to engage users to constantly contribute to enhance the experience. A mindset which leaves ID1 in a State of ‘constant beta’-and here it would be a good thing.

Whether ID2ME hiver Jack home, must therefore come to a test-and that is why I have test driven the phone in a little last week.