HTC-Accounts Shows the Worst April for 6 Years

HTC may on the sale of One M9 showcase accounts for the month of april, there have been worse in 6 years.

April is not a good month for Taiwanese HTC, who can present the worst accounts for 6 years for just the month of april, writes Phone Arena.

With a turnover of 13.54 billion. Taiwan-dollar equivalent to 2.95 billion. Crowns give it a decrease on the whole 39% compared to the same period last year, when turnover was 22.07 billion. Taiwan-dollar or 4.8 billion. Crowns.

For the month before, March, sounded, revenue in the 20 billion. Taiwan-dollar, or what corresponds to 4.4 billion. Danish kroner. It will say that the april monthly circulation is 32.4% lower than a month earlier.

“Last month’s revenue was lower than expected, reflecting a small demand for HTC One M9. HTC may have underestimated the Snapdragon 810 processor heat problems, and this has resulted in poor reviews and concerns from telecommunication companies, “ says an analyst at Yuanta Securities Investment Consulting to the newspaper Taipei Times, who wants to remain anonymous.

He predicts that this year’s sales of the flagship model, One M9, only when up in the surrounding area of 4.5 million. units, which would be a decline of between 36-44% compared with the first years of the sale of the predecessors One M7 and One M8 on 7 and 8 million. copies.

In order to reverse the downward trend select dealers to lower the price to draw new customers to, tells the analyst also for the newspaper.

Expect 10-11 billion. in revenue this quarter

At an investment conference told HTC that the next quarterly expects a turnover of between 46-51 billion.Taiwan-dollar or 10-11.1 billion. Danish kroner.

With 2.95 billion. Crowns in the House the first month of the second quarter have HTC so something of a problem for themselves, when the remaining 7-8 billion. Crowns should be brought in this and June month.