Hits Mobile Enters The War of Giga Cheaper, Now by 4.9 Euros

What mobile operators in Spain referred to appears to be two fronts. In a Telstra front has given a blow, the release of endless rate, which has not yet received a response would be part of its direct rivals. And in the other front are the virtual, immersed in a long war by having cheaper giga.

That honor until now was in the hands of MASMOV! L, five euros, after a brief period of time in which LycaMobile fell slat to the 3.75 euros. But today re-opens this particular battle with a new guest, hits mobile, although on this occasion the lowering of the minimum dimension stays at 10 cents.

4.9 euros is the new dimension. Even that price is where the virtual Valencian has lowered the price of the giga. The price of calls is also usual in the majority of operators, 0 cents per minute more the 18 cents of call set-up, although in this case those minutes to zero are limited to five per call, Since after them the price per minute becomes 3.63 cents.

The differences narrowed

Although hits mobile at the moment boasts more giga cheap the truth is that the differences are very small, so Perhaps occasionally worthwhile rating if the savings on the one hand compensates for other aspects. MASMOV offer! L differs in only 10 cents and the price of calls is exactly the same, but by 1.20 euros more offer speed reduction.

In the event that we go to the 5.90 euros Pepephone offers 4G and those calls to zero cents for 20 minutes per call. Finally also notably offer Lowi, offering six euros per giga reduction in speed and calls to zero cents unlimited minutes per call. The difference in the end is in the detail, because According to the user’s needs, and your choice of coverage, the differences can make you opt for one option or another.