Hits Mobile Also Makes The Rate of 250 Minutes and 1 GB Cheapest

After getting the title of giga more cheaply on the market, Hits Mobile has continued tweaking their card and contract rates with sales in most of its bonds after which has managed the first place in the ranking of one of the more balanced rates market.

Far from entering the war for unlimited calls or “unlimited” data a vast majority will not bring that party, the OMV covered Vodafone has opted to focus on improving the price of fares that are closer to the average of real consumption users, usually below the 250 minutes and 1 GB that now has a new low with 14.90 EUR per month as you can see in the following comparative.

The OMV covered Vodafone that its offer has divided in two ranges of rates, one for domestic calls and another that also include international minutes, in addition It has reduced most of its fares between 2 and 4 euros monthly with the exception of the most complete that include 1,000 minutes and 2 GB and up to 5 euros have become more expensive.

Keep your line not only will cost you €3 per year

Hits Mobile has also launched a new service to its prepaid customers who plan to be up to one year without using the card line but don’t want to lose the number already because they usually travel long periods outside Spain and won’t consume, for foreigners who used the line for his second home in Spain or simply because consumption is less than 5 EUR every three months.

Although validity by default of every recharge time will remain 90 days more another 90 days in which to retrieve the balance, from now you can activate the service to maintain the line active for six months or a year for a maximum of 3 euro one-time fee.

So is the complete range of rates Hits Mobile