Great Camera Tests of LG G4 Against Samsung Galaxy S6 (Video)

LG gives, with its newly launched G4, Samsung Galaxy S6 battle to the line in front of a large video camera test.

YouTube user SuperSaf TV has got his fingers in LG G4 and have immediately carried out an extensive test of the camera in relation to perhaps the closest competitor, Samsung Galaxy S6 and South Korean Samsung get the fight to the line of his countrymen.

First test applies to the front camera on the two phones side-by-side, where there are also alternating between the audio track from the top models. LG G4 is equipped with an 8 MP front camera, while that sits 5 MP on Samsung Galaxy S6.

Then apply the back camera side by side, which again alternating between the sound of the two recordings. Filming takes place in a park and is the “only” in Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels).

Footage of a tree in the 4 k (2160 p) then follows, which is scaled down to 1080 p. The last footage outside is also in 4 k, but this time cut to 100% size to better judge the image quality.

Next test takes place within, where telecommunications ‘ ability to auto focus tested by. LG G4 is equipped with a laser auto focus, and it is reflected clearly in the video. The G4 focuses simply with the same, where the Galaxy S6 must use 2-3 seconds before the correct area is in focus.

Subsequently tested front the cameras once again, but this time to take selfies, where it is not disclosed, what phones pictures are from. A 100% cropped version of the pictures shows that LG G4’s 3 extra megapixels in front of prisoners significantly more detail than Galaxy S6.

A selfie in bad lighting also shows that LG does the job in the top class. Samsung Galaxy S6 has a little trouble with the white balance on the wall, while LG G4 shows the white wall, as it is – for white.


Eventually follows a series of pictures of flowers respectively, a building, a birthday cake and the former showed figure both with and without Flash. Does LG G4 again a good piece of work, where Samsung Galaxy S6 ‘s blitz over illuminate the subject completely.

Judging from the video have the LG so created a great competitor to the camera in Samsung Galaxy S6 and not least Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. What do you think of the results? Judge for yourself in the video below.