From Sand to Pool: What’s Going to Bomb Beach Fashion

The intense cold of winter is already a thing of the past, and now it’s time to turn a blind eye to summer trends, especially for 2017 beachwear. After all, many people are already counting the days for the well-deserved vacation, with plenty of shade and fresh water!

From Sand to Pool: What's Going to Bomb Beach Fashion

Different patterns, colors and models will appear in bikinis, bathing suits, bathing suits and fashion accessories 2017.

To stay on top of everything, check out the trends and tips that we’ve set out for you!

Crochet bikinis continue high for the summer of 2017, and they will gain the company of other details with handmade footwear, such as fringes, ropes and rings.

To complete the look of handmade beachwear, the tip is to wear a leather tressê , which is without a doubt the official Brazilian summer footwear!

Earthy Tones: Combine with Tan Skin

Earthen-toned bath products will make the summer more stylish and modern , and in perfect harmony with tanned skin and sunny days!Bet without fear in nuances of caramel, brown, bronze, yellow, nude and other earthy tones.

Bold and Stripy Prints

The 2017 beach fashion prints will be fun and daring! Get ready to see many tribal, floral, psychedelic, and abstract motifs.In addition, the stripes will also have everything this summer!

Bikini Top

Influenced by fitness fashion, stylists have adopted the top as a top in many bikinis and also in their swimsuits.Generally, these models tend to hide the lap, but leave the back free, in the single front style.

Wear the bikini top with long skirt and velcro braided skirt – the perfect option for riding in style on the sand, on the boardwalk or wherever you are!

Delta Wing:Cava Alta

Bikinis and high cava swimsuits, popularly known as hang gliders, will be the representatives of the 80’s in the summer of 2017. This model is famous for valuing the hip and for giving an extra touch of sensuality to the look.

Bathing Suits:Kimonos and Long Pieces

Beach exits will be heavily influenced by the trends seen in swimwear, but they will also have their own highlights.

Kimonos made the biggest hit last summer, including urban looks, and in 2017 they will be back, mostly as a beach outlet.The variety of models is huge, there are long kimonos, short, printed, smooth, fringed and more.

And anyone looking for lightness and elegance will surely find these qualities in a long beach outlet.Some models are so bold that they can be availed in any program after the beach.

The kimonos and the beach outlets combine a lot with a little detail with flowers details , thus creating a much more colorful composition!

Which of these trends is your favorite?