Created a “Backpack Tank” for You to Walk Your Goldfish

She is self-cleaning, for greater comfort in the role of Goldie.

When we love a pet, we want your company the whole time. But the problem is that not all pets like to roll around. For kittens, created the astronaut backpack. But what about the fish?

No. Take the aquarium within the BUSA is a bad idea. If you want to beat the leg with the Goldie, how about using a backpack tank?

This news came to solve the problem of who owns freshwater animals (not worth Pokémon) that don’t have many options at the time of travel. The news, which has plastic plants decoration, stones and snails, is self-cleaning, so there is no need to worry about the droppings that goldfish can do during the tour.

According to Campingtopgear, The product was created by the artists Brad Troemel and Joshua Citarella, and can be purchased on the website Etsy, specializing in crafts. But something irreverent, certainly the backpack isn’t cheap to purchase those interested need to shell out 1,900 + R$ R $150 > freight here.

It’s not the first time that transform a scholarship in Aquarius, the designer Cassandra Verity created a similar product, only fashion! Instead of plastic, it is totally adjustable acrylic and has handles (no info on be self-cleaning). To purchase you need to pay £260, about 1,080 > aqR$ui.