Carus LED Lamp Receives the Coveted Certification “Blue Angel”

With the Blue Angel, the coveted German eco-label, the Hessian company CARUS can once again claim an award in the area of ​​sustainable production processes and climate-friendly products.

The “Umweltzeichen” jury is the independent body which has so far awarded around 12,000 products from 1,500 German companies with the “Blaue Engel”. Environmental and consumer associations are represented as well as trade, industry and trade unions, but also academics, representatives of youth, churches and politics. The jury is supported by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, which is officially the owner of the Blue Angel logo, as well as the environmental agency as a business unit and responsible developer for the award criteria. The not-for-profit RAL gGmbH, headquartered in Sankt Augustin, which, for example, markets the license rights to the seals of the Stiftung Warentest,

CARUS is allowed to lead the Blue Angel for its LED lamp “Type 600 dimmable“. At we already have this product under article no. 11050on offer. It is a retrofit bulb with a classic E27 screw thread and the bulb-shaped outer bulb A60, which is designed as an uncomplicated 1: 1 replacement for conventional incandescent lamps. Warm white light, a wide beam angle of 270 ° as well as compatibility with standard dimmers allow to forget the difference to the light bulb. The buyer will only remember the consumption of 8.6 watts at 600 lumens light output, as bright as a 48 watt bulb. And the replacement cycles also extend considerably with a nominal service life of 25,000 operating hours and 30,000 shift cycles.

However, CARUS LED does not receive the Blue Environmental Protection Gel for climate protection because of the energy efficiency and longevity of the light source. The decisive criterion is also the low-emission light. LED light does not contain either ultraviolet light or infrared-related components. And while a so-called energy-saving lamp still causes electrical fields like a computer monitor at a distance of more than one meter, there is also no electrosmog with LEDs. LED lamps also have no harmful substances. Energy saving lamps, on the other hand, contain considerable amounts of mercury, which require disposal as a hazardous waste, which is a serious health hazard when the tubes are broken.

We are looking forward to CARUS on the Blue Angel, Although all LED lamps make a significant contribution to climate protection, the CARUS “600 dimmable” type is the product of a manufacturer who is particularly committed to this field. Production in Hessian Fronhausen is characterized by economical consumption of natural resources and optimum recycling capability, Aluminum and adhesives can be largely dispensed with by innovative manufacturing techniques. The “Made in Germany” products are characterized by a high degree of automation of the factory of the highest quality, but at the same time competitively priced in comparison with the Far Eastern competition. Short transport distances to European end-users reduce the emission of CO2 and further improve the environmental performance of the lamps. CARUS has therefore already received awards from the Federal Environment Ministry and the state of Hesse within the framework of the environmental innovation program.