Apple Develops New Headset for Jack-Free iPhone 7

Jack-Jack looks so seem to disappear from the upcoming iPhone, and Apple makes ready for alternate headsets.

Despite numerous signatures, asking Apple to keep the jack-plug into the upcoming iPhone 7, so it should be good enough. At least Apple-site has received confirmation from its sources, as they call it, that Apple will remove the versatile connector from the upcoming iPhone, but not only that, so Apple also develops on an alternative to those who would like to have their music in your ears.

According to the American sites information, so this is a completely free in-ear headset, which is to be launched in connection with the upcoming iPhone model. However, could Apple brand Beats come to formally stand as producer.

The forthcoming headset should remind Motorola Hint-headset, which therefore has no cables – not even between the two parts, which are sit in your ears. In the most recent design of this headset is that no ports for charging, but instead should the battery come from a small transport box, which is included with.


Although there is probably quite a while for the new headset will have seen the light of day, so you can already come up with an educated guess on the name, namely AirPods.

In addition to the name itself could be nicely in line with Apple’s traditions in naming, as Apple has already registered just AirPods as a trademark, writes 9to5Mac.

As a small curiosity can also tell the site that Apple reportedly have not yet committed themselves to a design for iPhone 7 yet. Right now Americans should work with 3 different designs, in which one of these is brand new and very thin, while a second ‘ backup-design ‘ is very similar to what you see on the iPhone 6S.