Alarm that Woke the FC Porto Only the Fifth Touch

The Dragons suffered five goals in 26 minutes of the 1st part and only in the second managed to put my foot down to Bayern. The Germans were best in everything and gave the worst European defeat at FC Porto: 6-1.

When a person knows well, as well, herself, doesn’t trust “prrriiimm” annoying alarm clock. We must do so insist, make it even more irritable and have him repeat the tap again and again, until sleep is no longer immune to irritations. But there are some that are. Because there are dreams of good, so good, that it is better to trust what they say—a dream is something that does not repeat — and trying to force sleep for this go back to sleep. And FC Porto wanted to hold on to it, the same as you said, since the first hand, that next was passage to the semi-final of the Champions League.The problem from wallclockstation is that there are alarm clocks that are meant to be stubborn to the point of being themselves to dictate when the dream has to end.

And when the ticking doesn’t fail, Pep Guardiola is the worker of one of them.

7:45 pm… the ball starts rolling and the alarm is as quiet as the dream of dragons is alive. It is they who tells them that the night is to caution and 11 sportsmen obey him. Assume that the ball is who lives in Munich and that the priority is to prevent the Bayern players don’t do what they want with her. So Lent and Brahimi, like first hand, they resent the German side, Jackson Martinez is a shadow of Xabi Alonso while Herrera and Óliver, straights, intruding in spaces where they could get passes to Thiago Alcantara and Philip Lahm. The organization works and, during some 10 minutes, the ball rolls and rolls on the feet of Bayern, but danger is something that you don’t see anywhere.

7:55 pm… but something strange, uncomfortable even, takes the body of FC Porto to tremble, giving a twitch in bed that you kept the dream — why Lahm, Captain of the Bavarians, the little guy begins to pull over to the right, the line, and Müller necklace to the big guy Lewandoski. Xabi Alonso will pushing forward, taking Jackson in tow, and the dragons are without the Colombian forward, to receive the balls they could recover. In the Middle the Bayern doesn’t play much. Because the dragons don’t let and, also, because it seems to not want to: the priority is upset Bruno Martins Indi and Diego Reyes (above all this, the Mexican that debuted on the Champions),because both are makeshift side. Then press and follow the rule of Guardiola: losing the ball, the team has four seconds to press to recover.

‘S what you get to 10 ‘, when the Lewandoski steals and launches to meet with a sprint of Thomas Müller, that already in the area to shoot for Fabiano defending forward. Polish striker packed to chase the play, managed to rebound and shot her, then to the left post.Fright.

7:59 pm. time to wake up, says the alarm, you might have noticed that the dragons, anxious to close the goal, shrank too to the middle of the pitch and, in times when recovered, balls insisted on only trust to Brahimi, with them, trying to do something. The sides, thinking how there were stations joining the central truth, and let the desguarnecidas tracks. So the 14 ‘ there was no time left for Bernat Cross and, in the area, the little guy (1, 74 m) Thiago anticipate the big guy (1, 91 m) for Maicon, close to the near post, using his head to divert the ball that gave the 1-0. The alarm rang for the first time, but FC Porto, holding on to the dream, never woke up.

8:08 pm. sleep not finished because the 3-1 of last week came to that 1-0 does not end with the dream of reaching the semi-finals of the Champions League. But Bayern, here, I’d be a lot better in everything: in speed which gave the passes, in sieges that amounted to retrieve lost balls and fast players who accumulated in places where I’d like to change the markings to the dragons. As the two who joined the 23 ‘, in a corner on the right which marked the short way for there focus two sportsmen. Dali Xabi Alonso crossed off, to the head of Holger Badstuber (replacement for crude Dante, which both helped FC Porto in the first leg and that Guardiola both loves) pass the ball to Jérôme Boateng, the head close to the near post for the 2-0. The “prrriiimm” repeated and noise, even if it was a sign that the round has already smiled with the away goals to Bayern, he wouldn’t wake anyone.

8:12 pm … The dragons ran more than ever. Jackson barely touched the ball, Lent defended more than attacking and the lateral atinavam with what was going on. Julen Lopetegui he was screaming on the bench, but even so the team kept the players together when Bayern, again and again, would turning the match with the ball through the air to 27 ‘ came back to do it, but the pass so stretched was that Philip Lahm on the right, hit the first ball, without dropping, for Müller, who within the area did the same for sending the head of Lewandoski , which imitated both to shoot straight to the goal. And mark. It was the 3-0 and, even there, the FC Porto had change only nine passes in the half of the field of Bayern.

8:21 pm. Nine minutes go by and nothing changes. Lopetegui tries to remedy one of the sides and through the Middle, the Mexican Exchange Reyes for Portuguese Ricardo, but nothing improves. It’s the pass, to 36 ‘, try the ball enough, by air, Jackson, who was on the line of middle surrounded by opponents. The pass is intercetado and the ball comes to Thomas Müller, who ran a few meters with her and the 25 of Fabiano’s goal, decides to rematá her. The kick low and out, halfway, find the shrunken body of Bruno Martins Indi, that diverts the arms that Fabiano already esticara to the right of the goal and shoot towards their legs with the Brazilian you managed to play. The bad luck, this, played the Bell and the 4-0 appeared coming away from who, before the game, had said that the Bavarians “couldn’t be kamikazes” and that, after he’s done, he admitted that “never [imagined] a first part like this.”

8:25 pm… The dragons, in the meantime, nothing could change and, therefore, this first part would still be worse for them. Few seconds breathed with the balls that recovered and no players were advancing the meters enough to mount a similar pressure to that had shown in the stadium of the Dragon. And aggression was thing that lived more Bavarian legs. And in those of the 40 ‘ Müller went after a rebound of ball with Casemiro, stayed with her, threw a pass late in the area, where the rifled Lewandoski and creeping, to 5-0.In 26 minutes the dragons, so had suffered five goals. The alarm won’t shut up and off the edge of the range, expected that the farm was once. Both had to be that it was even and the 15 minutes that the Lopetegui and the dragons had in bed, waking up, served to think this could change when to stand up.

And that’s when they realized the dream was over and that in 45 minutes I had left, another game was playing.

Julen Lopetegui realized this and risked a way to quiet, time, alarm clock. He said lent to stay on the bench, shot for the lawn and Snow Reuben sent Casemiro into the middle of a defense, flanked by Maicon and Marcano. The sides were to Ricardo and Indy and Brahimi joined three midfielders for the ball to make the company more blue and white feet. The fiddling go smoothly, because the passes started to go and the second count in the FC Porto could run the ball across the field.

The dragons spent have many feet to touch the ball in the middle and two men glued to the lines to stretch the Germans, who also no longer pulled both the intensity. The ball was going in the 55-45 and the 58 ‘, a free on the edge of the area, is that Xabi Alonso gave a dangerous shot from Bayern. FC Porto was going to trying the balls came to Jackson, the Colombian tried to shoot, but only to ‘ 73 got when Ricardo remembered to pick up the same poison that Bayern both served on the Dragons — the side pressed right on the edge of the area, disarmed a German, opened the ball on the right and crossed in Herrera Mexican logo for Jackson’s head to score.

The 5-1 appeared and, even with the rout that both did touch the alarm clock, the FC Porto, suddenly, I had two goals to progress to the semi-finals. But they were at a distance greater than the firing two balls to the bottom of the goal: the team, you could see, I was tired, not always on track for playing in a weird 3-5-2 and leave plenty of room for the Bayern play. Space that always had and that just here, the Germans decided to explore seriously. Returned to pick up the pace and even after a dangerous shot from Jackson, to 77 ‘, the Spanish Marcano, startled by the chance to wake up the wrong way with the same alarm clock that Thiago, released for the goal, threatened to play, dropped the Brazilian on the edge of the area. Lack, according to yellow, expulsion and, second, Xabi Alonso’s free-kick into the net.

After the alarm clock to play five times and woke up a dream team that encolhera, via a 1-1 in 45 minutes into the second half. But in the end told a 6-1 because of too many “prrriiimm” I heard the first part without something to do about them shut. The game ended andwas matched the worst score of the Club in European competitions (1978 also lost with AEK Athens, for 6-1, for the UEFA Cup winners ‘ Cup) and more than confirmed the departure of the Dragoons of the Champions League. “We were not good in the first half and Bayern punished us,” summarized Lopetegui, sad at the end, reacting to the 7-4 with pushed out of the competition “a team that had less 400 European experience games that Bayern Munich”. It was the first, and only, defeat of the team in this season’s Champions League.

In 90 minutes in Munich the sportsmen have suffered more goals than in the past 16 games that did in the Portuguese League. There will be more Champions next season, but the League back on Sunday and FC Porto will have to wake up to the date that awaits him in the light, where it will play to erase the three points that separate the leadership of Benfica. The dream of being one of the four best teams in Europe was born in the stadium of the Dragon and died run over in Munich, because it kept the dragons into a sleep from which only agreed to the fifth touch alarm clock. Now we have to wake up to the Championship.